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Do You Know What You Are?

I got most of this sitting in a lawn chair by the pond experiencing the world around me after a very stressful week last fall. And suddenly I was laughing at how much fun it all was. In that moment I was Spirit. And this is what came through me so fast I had to rush indoors to write it down.

You deserve to live in a palace! All of you. Oh, if you only knew what you are.

You are Source, and you are Source’s pointguard. You, YOU are the creator. You create what you desire with your thoughts and your focus, and WE (Spirit, Source, God, The Universe, whatever you call US) WE are your eager partners. We rush forth to BECOME what you create.

You are creating our future, our expansion, our growth. We trust you with this. We have no preference. We’re along for the ride, and we are blissful in every moment of it, in every single one of your experiences whether you consider them “good” or “bad.”