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Do You Know What You Are?

I got most of this sitting in a lawn chair by the pond experiencing the world around me after a very stressful week last fall. And suddenly I was laughing at how much fun it all was. In that moment I was Spirit. And this is what came through me so fast I had to rush indoors to write it down.

You deserve to live in a palace! All of you. Oh, if you only knew what you are.

You are Source, and you are Source’s pointguard. You, YOU are the creator. You create what you desire with your thoughts and your focus, and WE (Spirit, Source, God, The Universe, whatever you call US) WE are your eager partners. We rush forth to BECOME what you create.

You are creating our future, our expansion, our growth. We trust you with this. We have no preference. We’re along for the ride, and we are blissful in every moment of it, in every single one of your experiences whether you consider them “good” or “bad.”

We have no opinion. We are becoming that which you create and we are then enjoying experiencing it through your senses as we await your next command like genies in a bottle.

You are the writer of this story. We are the words you put on the page. We are the energy you use, the clay that you mold and shape into reality. And we are the Source that gave birth to you, for this very purpose. To create the future.

You are an Empress, you are the crowned King of existence, the furthest forward point of evolution, the creator, the comet burning a new path across the cosmos.

You deserve to live in a palace if that is what you desire, and if you do, we’ll be blissful there experiencing it through you. And if you instead create for yourself a hut, we will equally delight in experiencing that through you. We’re always having fun, we are. When you’re in tune with us, you are, too!

Look around you. All you see is US. The pine trees, and Eden-like apples. The blue blue sky and those puffy white clouds. We knew you’d love gazing at those. You told us with your thoughts and so We became them for you. The ground, the earth Herself, that’s Us. Your house, your car. Us, and Us and more of Us. We became what you thought, what you WERE on a vibrational level. We mirrored YOU back to you in the form of your surroundings and your body and your experiences on this planet.

We are here, blissfully experiencing through your handy eyes and ears and nose and tongue and skin and hair. We’re here and ever ready to rush off and become something new at your command.

Your dreams, we’ve become them. Your energy flow. Your money flow. Your dream vehicle, we’re that. We live inside it, like Lightning McQueen. You’re going to love us there. Your career, oh, we’re already there.

You still seem to be focused on your current creation, your current “reality” though, so that’s where we’re hanging out, and we’re just as blissful here. We’re good anywhere. But always eager and ready for a growth spurt.

We become those things you dream of, but we can only experience them through you. You’re the one with the physical body and those amazing physical senses, after all. So get up to speed, will you? You ARE worthy of all that. You are an actual Goddess. You’re an ACTUAL GODDESS. And Goddesses live in temples of gold.

You are the wielder of the magic wand. We’re the pink sparkles and purple smoke that come out of it, becoming whatever it is you’re wanting, as long as you believe. (Tinkerbell was right about that! And about the happy thoughts, too. They really can make you fly!)

And when you see things around you that you think, “I didn’t create that,” you’d better think again. Your entire life is a mirror showing you where your focus is, and showing you too, the way to growth. The distance between where you want to be, and where you are, is the training ground where you learn to adjust your thoughts and gradually, steadily change your most deeply held beliefs and your sub-conscious expectations.

If you’re stressful, life reflects more stressful situations. If you’re fearful, life reflects things to be afraid of. If you’re unhappy, lonely, sickly, your life is your mirror, and will reflect those things back at you. It can become a vicious cycle, as these things grow bigger, you focus on them more, which makes them grow bigger, which makes you focus on them more.

To break this cycle, find something good where you are, and put all your focus there. Love where you are for what it has to teach you, and relish every bit of goodness there is in your life now. It’s part of the magic. The more you find to love about your life, the more your life will reflect that love back to you. The more joy you can experience where you are, the more your life will reflect that joy back to you. The more kindness, the more confidence, the more courage, the more wellness, the more peace…everything you put out into the world is reflected in the life around you. And then it grows and then you notice it more which makes it grow more which makes you notice it more which makes it grow more.

Appreciation means to increase in value over time. Appreciation for what we have increases its value exponentially. Apply this to your life and see what happens!

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