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Dr. Duffy’s Close Encounter

To celebrate my 20th year as an author we are launching my Maggie Shayne Classics Collection. The first of these, is one of the books the earned me my reputation as one of the most innovative paranormal romance writers in the genre–before “paranormal romance” was even a thing. Originally titled Out-of-this-World Marriage, the story was inspired by the old film Starman with Jeff Bridges and I just decided to make it a Star-woman instead.

After the rights reverted to me, I re-edited the book, gave it a polish, an update, and my daughter Jessica ( created this beautiful package for it.

I still cried when I read to the end, so I’m as proud of this story as ever.

To celebrate launch day, the price will remain at $3.99 all day Monday, March 26th only. It goes up on Tuesday. I hope you’ll help me spread the word and the links. And thank you in advance.

Dr. Duffy’s Close Encounter on KINDLE Dr. Duffy’s Close Encounter on NOOK Dr. Duffy’s Close Encounter at SMASHWORDS

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