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Easy Wish-Making Rituals

3 Steps to Successful Wish-Making, in which I’ll teach you how to easily and quickly ritualize your wishing.

Why a Ritual?

When you launch a desire, it’s a thought on its way to becoming thing. Any time you focus on your wish in a positive way, you add to its power. I used to describe it as being just like rain. I remember in school being taught how the moisture condenses into a droplet, but isn’t yet heavy enough to fall, and how it sort of circles up again, gathering more moisture. This cycle repeats over and over again until the droplet is heavy enough to fall.

As my understanding has deepened, I’ve come to understand that we aren’t actually changing our raindrops (our wishes.) We’re changing ourselves into the version of us who is standing in the rain. But either way, the results are the same. With enough attention and alignment, the wish comes to be.

What’s actually happening is that our vibrational frequency is slowly attuning to the same frequency as the wish. Once they match, the thought becomes a part of our physical reality.

Ritual can help us speed up that attuning.

How Does Ritual Help?

  1. Abraham often says that if you focus on a thing for at least 17 seconds, you have activated it in your vibration. Ritual is a way of keeping your focus on the goal for a little while.

  2. In ritual, we include elements that we feel match the vibration of our goal. This helps our own vibration attune.

  3. Any repeated act of ritual becomes a trigger to your mind. Ritual relaxes our brain into Alpha-state, the state of creating.

What is Ritual?

Definition of ritual. 1 : the established form for a ceremony; specifically : the order of words prescribed for a religious ceremony. 2A: ritual observance; specifically: a system of rites. B: a ceremonial act or action. C: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner. —Merriam-Webster

In practice, anything can be a ritual. I have a ritual of sitting outside by my waterfall and trying to quiet my mind and shut out everything except the sound of the water, and the patterns it makes splashing into itself. I have a ritual of taking my coffee outside onto the deck early in the morning and listening to the birds. I have a ritual of walking the dogs at the same time every morning and evening.

But we’re talking about a specific sort of ritual. A wish-making ritual.

Creating Your Wishing Ritual

Choose your element

Think about the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and how they relate your desire. You don’t need to consult any sources or even go with the overview I give here. Trust your gut. There is no source more accurate than that. After all, it’s what you believe that has the power. All the power. So think about which element feels more like your wish to you.

This is how I see the elements.

Air: Youth, beginnings, mental things, travel, communication, inspiration, everything new, electronics, invention, springtime, rebirth.

Fire: Creativity, action, triumph, competition, winning, selling, passion, sex, ambition, energy, verve, life force, current things, the here and now, fertilization, growth, movement, progress.

Water: Transformation, healing, transition, change, emotion, deep wisdom, understanding, peace, rest, rejuvenation, transmuting energy (from negative to positive,) magic, psychism & divination.

Earth: Abundance, stability, money, home & family, physical health and healing, foundation, strength, power, ancient things, ancestors, longevity.

Choose your Ritual Type

Fiery rituals should include fiery things. Bright jewel tones, candles, sharp tangy fragrances, bonfires, fireplaces, the sun. In lots of fire rituals, wishes are written on scraps of paper and then burned in a cauldron, hearth or bonfire.

Watery rituals should include water things. Deep blues and greens and grays, water itself, scented oils. Water rituals often involve scrying, the act of reading signs. Some drip wax or essential oils into a cup of water and look for omens in the shapes it forms. Some read tea leaves. Some write their wish or speak it to a biodegradable item (a leaf or rock) and pitch it into a body of water. Baptism is a water based ritual.

Earth rituals should include earth elements. Earth tones of course, crystals and stones, salt and soil. Burying items to purify them, then digging them up after a few days, or burying a wish to wait for it to come true are earth rituals. Four leaf clovers are very earthy in nature. Breaking a wishbone is an earth ritual too.

Combining Elements

Don’t be afraid to mix & match. Pitching a coin into a well is an Earth (the coin) and Water ritual. Blowing out a birthday candle is an Air & Fire ritual.

The important thing is that your ritual includes items, colors, and words that evoke your wish in your mind.

When it's Done, Let it Go

This is a piece wish makers often forget about. You can’t go around wondering where your wish is, why it hasn’t come yet, or repeating your ritual over and over because it didn’t work. All these things put your focus on the wish not being there yet, and that focus will keep it from coming to you.

You can only BE where you ARE.

When Not to Use Ritual

What you think about grows.

Let me just repeat that. Whatever you put your attention on, gets bigger.

That’s why you should never do a ritual to get rid of anything. Creating a ritual means putting your attention on the goal in a highly focused way. Putting your focus on something you do not want long enough to create a ritual about it, is going to get you more of what you do not want.

It’s not about where you stand and what you say and what tools you use. It’s about where your focus is. Put your focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

To raise your vibration enough to match your wish and make it come true, you have to rise above your awareness of not having it, and into the feelings of having it. You have to celebrate in advance. You have to believe strongly enough that you feel the way you will feel when it arrives. You have to feel it now.

That’s the whole point of the ritual. To evoke the emotions that the wish coming true will evoke, so you can match its vibration and it can shimmer into physical form. You don’t want to evoke the emotions of something you don’t want–that’s going to have the opposite result.

Now You're Ready!

The best ritual is one you create yourself. I can’t say this often enough. It’s going to speak to you way more powerfully than anything I can make up for you, and far more strongly than anything you find in a book. Do the work. The focus you put on your goal while thinking about the ritual and writing it down, will be as powerful as the ritual itself–more powerful!

Give your wish some thought, and come up with a short ritual that speaks to your soul. Trust your instincts. They’re the most powerful tools you have.

Now, go make your wishes. I would love it if some of you would share your rituals and how they felt to you here in comments!

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