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Easy Wish-Making Rituals

3 Steps to Successful Wish-Making, in which I’ll teach you how to easily and quickly ritualize your wishing.

Why a Ritual?

When you launch a desire, it’s a thought on its way to becoming thing. Any time you focus on your wish in a positive way, you add to its power. I used to describe it as being just like rain. I remember in school being taught how the moisture condenses into a droplet, but isn’t yet heavy enough to fall, and how it sort of circles up again, gathering more moisture. This cycle repeats over and over again until the droplet is heavy enough to fall.

As my understanding has deepened, I’ve come to understand that we aren’t actually changing our raindrops (our wishes.) We’re changing ourselves into the version of us who is standing in the rain. But either way, the results are the same. With enough attention and alignment, the wish comes to be.