• Maggie Shayne

Eva Cassidy – Ain’t No Sunshine

Yeah, he’s gone. Not far, just a few hours north to visit family. I love his family, especially his mom. And I’ve got loads to do to keep me busy. But still, I so cherish every second we have together, that I feel like I’m missing a limb when he’s not around. So Eva, above, is signing my heart out for me. (And in private, I’m belting it out along with her.)

I’m really happy that I have this kind of love in my life. I’m happy have someone to miss this badly. I’m happy to be able to look forward to him coming back, and daydream about that moment when his arms close around me again, and I can rest my head on his big, strong chest, and just melt into a puddle of bliss.

Till then, I’m signing with Eva.

(And isn’t she GREAT?)

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