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Everyday Mysticism Part 1

Part 2 Part 3 How to make ordinary life magical

It came to me fully formed, the notion of how magical my everyday life is, how it got that way, and how I might share all of that with those who want more magic and mysticism in their lives. So I’ll begin with a series of posts right here on the blog, talking about easy ways to ensorcel our lives.

What's a Mystic?

Mystic: A person for whom nothing is mundane and everything has a deeper meaning, a spiritual side, and a message to share. The mystic looks beneath the surface in a quest to understand the true meaning behind everything she or he encounters.

Being a mystic is a just a matter of changing our perceptions. We come to recognize that everything around us has far more meaning that is at first apparent. Being a mystic no more complicated than developing the habit of always looking deeper.

Must I live in a cave?

Actor Colin Morgan, forever the real Merlin to me

No. Nor will you need to become a hermit, spend hours a day in meditation, or grow a long white beard. And the staff is entirely optional.

Look, I’ve written many posts here about the benefits of meditation. I recommend 15 minutes a day. Do I manage that? Not on your life. I do my best. On most days, I get in my 15 minutes, but on lots of days, I don’t. I get busy. I forget. I tell myself I don’t have time. There are too many people around. My excuses abound. However, I know for sure that when I get those 15 minutes of mind silence in, I download big chunks of wisdom from Source. And that’s a huge benefit. You can read easy meditation tips here.

By meditate I mean, quiet the mind by focusing on a boring, repetitive sound with your eyes closed for 15 minutes, and actually managing to silence the mind chatter for a minute or two here and there during that time. If you have a regular meditation practice, you’ll find it much easier to do the rest.

Mystics think differently

A mystic in a traffic jam assumes there’s a reason they are supposed to arrive at their destination later than planned, and begins actively looking for the reason. Maybe it’s someone they meet along the way that they wouldn’t have met otherwise. Maybe it’s to avoid an accident. One time, I got behind slowpoke after slowpoke on the road home from a soccer game during a thunderstorm, and came upon a large tree lying across the road between me and my house. I was the first car on the scene. It had just happened. If not for those slowpokes, that tree might’ve fallen ON my car.

A mystic is never impatient, knowing every delay has a reason.

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Everything's a projection

Everything in my life is a projection, and I’m the projector. Since I know that nothing comes into my experience randomly, that everything comes in response to my

When a mystic encounters a problem, she doesn’t consider it bad luck. She considers it a call to adventure and the new semester’s lesson plan. She understands that the problem isn’t happening TO her, it’s happening FOR her, and rather than wallowing in how awful the problem is, she turns her attention immediately to the gifts it brings.

Problems are nothing more than opportunities to grow and learn and expand into the solution.

The everyday mystic knows that things don’t happen TO her, but rather FOR her.

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Pause. Breathe. React.

Developing the habits of the everyday mystic means learning not to react instantly to every event. And it really only takes practice. Over time we catch ourselves before we let our knee jerk impulsively. We take a deep breath, and say, “Okay, what can I learn here?” And this applies to life’s minor irritations like slow-drivers, as well as to major events like house fires or divorces.

Bonus: As you learn to catch the minor irritations, and adjust your focus early, you tend to avoid the major upsets. You will no longer need them to boost yourself to a new level of understanding. However, as a rule, the bigger the problem, the bigger the leap forward that results once you move past it.

The first lesson of the mystic is to stop seeing everything as a disaster and wondering why me? And to start seeing everything as a response to the energy we’re emitting and an indicator of where that energy is. And no matter how bad it seems, it’s always an opportunity to grow past it, to solve the “problem” and move up to a better place where our energy is lighter and more positive.

The process never ends

There is never going to be a time in life where we’ve elevated our energy so high that problems no longer exist for us. Challenges come to help us grow, and we grow throughout our lifetimes, and in between our lifetimes, and throughout the next ones. It’s eternal. The things we see as problems, are the growth and expansion of the universe as a whole, and of ourselves as spiritual beings.

When we stop seeing problems as disasters and start seeing them as the fuel that feeds life itself, when we realize that if this process stops, the growth stops, and if the growth stops, there is no life, then we are beginning to get the idea.

A magical life...

A magical life is a life where nothing is coincidence, where everything has a deeper meaning than is at first apparent. And that’s true of every life. Every life is magical.

The difference between a mystic and an ordinary person, is that the mystic knows this, and seeks the deeper meaning, rather than railing against whatever has manifested.

Next time...

Next time, we’ll talk about how the mystic relates to the animal kingdom.

Until then…be blissful!


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