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Evolution Resolutions

What power does one little individual being have among 7.7 billion?

All of it

That’s the part we forget when we feel helpless to change the world. We forget that there’s no such thing as one individual powerless being. Think of us as cells in a body. We know that our bodies contain about 37.2 trillion cells at any given moment. Every cell in our body is an individual. It is born, it lives, it reproduces, it dies. But the body lives on.

We are cells in a greater body. But the greater body of which we are a part isn’t a physical one. It’s consciousness itself.

We are one...

We hear it all the time. We are one. But what does that really mean?

It means that each of us is part of the same greater Whole. It means that any one of us can tap into the power of All of Us. It means that everything we do to anyone, we do to Everyone. It means that we are far more important than we’ve ever realized, and it means that we are never, ever powerless.

What it means

So I can’t hate one without hating All. I can’t be angry with one without being angry at All. I cannot wish ill for one without wishing ill for All.

It means the labels we place on each other are lies. There’s no real difference between a Republican and a Democrat and every other party, between a Christian and a Muslim and every other religion, between a male and a female and every other gender, between an American and an Iranian and every other nationality, between criminals and judges and everyone in between.

Practical application

What difference can knowing this make? Well it depends on us. How real do we believe this truth to be? Is it just something we say, or is it something we consciously try to incorporate into our lives?

If we’re One…

  1. There’s never any reason to feel greed. We take care of ourselves by taking care of each other. So we give and share freely.

  2. There’s never a need for loneliness. We can close our eyes and tap into the hearts and minds of All.

  3. There’s never a need for grieving, because death is a lie we’ve now seen through. Everyone who ever lived still lives, and when we “imagine” their voice and face and reactions in our minds, or when we “dream” of them while we sleep, that’s not pretend. That’s not false. That’s real communication with them. They never stopped living. (There’s a lot more on this in The Bliss Book.)

  4. There’s never a need for competition, because when anyone wins, Everyone wins.

  5. There’s never a need for violence, and there’s never a need for war.

  6. There’s never a need to shout at our children or argue with our partners or send hate mail to our leaders or be rude to anyone. Ever.

What about everyone else?

I know the first thought most have is Sure, I can try to live this way, but what about everyone else?

The answer is the same. We’re all One. Some might be walking around the planet unaware of that, and continuing their same old behavior. But we can’t change them from here. We can only reach them through the Higher Self, through the Whole. And when we open ourselves to that Whole, we light up. Love flows to us and through us, and from us and out to All. We can love. We can live our lives knowing we’re One, and acting that way. And honestly, that’s more powerful than any action we could possibly take.

Many will wake during their physical lifetimes. Every day more and more of us humans are awakening to this higher knowing. We’re becoming aware of our Oneness, our connection. We’re plugging in to the Higher Mind we’ve called a million names: God. Jehovah. Adonai. Elohim. Yahweh. Allah. Isis. Astarte. Diana. Hecate. Demeter. Kali. Inanna. A million million more. The One mind, the One consciousness that is experiencing the physical world through the bodies and senses of every single one of us.

And those who don’t awaken to this understanding while in their physical bodies, will absolutely awaken to it when they leave their bodies behind. So we don’t need to worry about them and we don’t need to hate them. To be in tune with our Higher Power, we can only love them. The ripples of love that go out from us, increase and spread far and wide. They are real.

Hate or dislike or disapproval of anyone separates us from our union with our Source and the entirety of our power.

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Evolution Resolutions

Instead making the same old resolutions about losing weight and managing money better, let’s make resolutions that will feed our spiritual evolution.

Here are some of my Evolution Resolutions for 2019. I am not always good at all these things. But I am ever improving. Make your list.

  1. Give more to the causes dear to my heart, because helping one helps us all.

  2. Stop resenting high bills, (which feeds the belief in lack) and see paying them as a way to feed the economy and increase the flow for us all.

  3. Stop getting mad about politics, and instead, focus on loving even those with whom I disagree, no matter how vehemently.

  4. Stop getting mad at my newest dog (which has resulted in her becoming the bane of my existence) and love her more instead.

  5. Think before every action and decision, and then act in the way that does the most good.

  6. Love the planet even more and show it by my actions.

  7. Stop retweeting and sharing negative stories. Share only positive, uplifting things.

  8. Pay compliments freely. Open doors. Help others when I don’t have to. I do this already, but I could do it more.

  9. Spread joy and love wherever I go. Leave every space I enter brighter than I found it.

  10. Resist making (or posting) snarky comments, no matter how tempting.

  11. Take time every single day, no matter what, to meditate, and thereby connect to the Whole.

  12. Always take stock of what is driving my decisions. It’s always either love or fear. I’ll choose love, every time.

May 2019 be our best year so far!

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