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Forty Days and Forty Nights

When I did so, I didn’t know that I’d have a daughter moving back in with me, with a newborn and a three-year-old, but honestly, why should any of that slow me down? It would make a lovely excuse, if I wanted one. But I don’t. What I want, is to do this and do it in spades.

And I will.

The trilogy is called The Secrets of Shadow Falls. Book 1, KILLING ME SOFTLY, is finished and will be released in July 2010. Book 2, KILL ME AGAIN, is finished and will be released in August 2010. Book 3, KISS ME, KILL ME, is due on October 1st if I want it to be released in September 2010, as planned.

I’m beginning today, August 11th.

The synopsis is done, and my agent compares it to Hitchcock. Yeah. It’s that good. =)

The fastest I’ve ever written a book is 8 weeks. (56 days). Just once, though. Most take me at least 12 and often 16 weeks, or 84 to 112 days, if my math is right, which is doubtful. I always need another week at the end, to do the polishing and tweaking. Sometimes two weeks at the end. So here’s the plan.

I have to write this book in 40 days. But if God could flood the entire world in 40 days, I can write one novel.

Beginning today, I need to write 10 pages a day, 7 days a week, for 40 straight days. That will give me a 400 page first draft by September 19th, allowing me 11 extra days for polishing and tweaking.

I’m going to have fun with the dogs. I’m going to enjoy this process–every day of it. And if I have an off day, well, I know how to get back on again.

And I’m going to keep you posted the entire time.

So that’s the plan. At the end of it, I’ll either have a book or an ark. (Or a breakdown.) Nah!

Ready, set, write!

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