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Fulll Moon Mabon Magic

There are 3 spells/rites in this post!

The fullest part of the full moon phase occurred last night 9/20 in the watery sign of pisces. Autumn is a watery time of year, and though the moon has since moved into Aries, there's still a very watery energy to my corner of the world. We have been blessed with one of the rainiest summers ever.

Add to this the Autumnal Equinox tomorrow 9/22, and you have one extremely powerful magical period. September twentieth, twenty-first, and twenty-second are brimming over with Autumnal Equinox and Lunar power.

The Energies of the Harvest Moon and Mabon

Elemental associations: Water

Direction: West

Metal (moon) Silver; (harvest) bronze, copper,

Colors: Earth tones, deep golden yellows, dark greens, rusty reds and oranges, burgundy and brown. Silver for the moon energy.

Magical Workings: Harvest, abundance, the maturing of projects and goals, the illusion of balance, shifting from growing to gathering.

The summer is drawing to a close, and now we begin to see the results of what we sowed in spring and tended in summer. More clearly said, we get to see what we have added to our experience and to our lives with our focus and attention during the spring and summer.

Creation Continues

We also continue to grow our crops. Mabon is only the second of the three holy days associated with the harvest. The first was Lughnassadh, which the Christians renamed Lammas. And the third is Samhain ("sow-en") which wise witches know is not October 31st, but when the sun reaches 15º Sorpio, on November 6th this year. (2021) So while some of our harvest is taking place, other crops and projects, hopes and dreams, are still maturing. That energy doesn't shift until the final harvest of Samhain.

That makes this a great time for pouring your energy toward those things still in the creative stages, in all areas of life. Magic aimed at those will work well right now.

Appreciation Empowers Creation

There's a reason why Thanksgiving themed feasts happen during the harvest time. Before it was an official holiday, early settlers celebrated their harvest feast around October 3, way closer to the equinox. That makes sense. There's not much left to harvest in the Northeast by late November.

The reason we time our appreciation with our harvest is this: Nothing fertilizes what we still want to grow more than appreciation of that which we have already grown.

We have come so far. The more we practice noticing all the really wonderful things we have manifested in our lives–our homes, our families, our careers, our skills, our talents, our wisdom–the better our lives become. We have raised our vibration higher and higher with every new triumph, every new creation, every new experience.

While a daily habit of basking in our experience is huge, at this time of year it becomes an even more powerful focus. In fact Mabon is often referred to as The Witches' Thanksgiving. It's traditionally celebrated with feasting, giving thanks, making offerings, and celebrating the bounty and lush abundance of Autumn. (Thereby feeding energy into abundance and the celebration of abundance and the sharing of abundance, creating more abundance.

That it is also within 24 hours of the full moon, this already potent harvest energy has a burst of silvery goddess energy, which is very compatible.

Sacred Harvest Time

This is the perfect time to harvest magical herbs. This week I've cut sage, mugwort, wild angelica and two kinds of mint. The harvest must be done in a magical way for herbs that will be used in magic.

We spend a lot of time talking about how things are real if we believe they are, which I think can sometimes make people think the opposite is true. But magic is real. The same life force that moves through me and makes me a living, thinking being, also empowers everything in nature. In humans, we call that life force Soul. Abraham-Hicks call it the Inner Being. I often refer to it as my Higher Self. It is that part of me that is pure Source Energy. Which could also be called Consciousness itself.

That life force is buzzing and real in plants, in animals, in stones, in dirt. It's real, and it flows differently in different beings. But it comes from the same Source.

That energy, that force, is the same force that empowers magic. It IS magic.

If the same life force exists in the plants as it does in me, then when I cut them I will do so with deep respect and reverence.

It has occurred to me that the plant must be much more powerful alive than cut. However, where I live most of my plants do not winter over, so I harvest them before the frost kills them, and then later, I'll dig up and pot several varieties to winter over indoors.

The Harvest Rite

When I do cut, this is how I do it. And you can apply this rite to anything you harvest, from fruit and veggies to berries and nuts.

  1. Meditate. Think about the plants you will harvest. Feel their living spirit, the part of them that is still part of the Whole, only a small piece of which flows to and through the plant.

  2. Wash hands, symbolically blessing them with divine energy.

  3. Take an offering for the plant. Traditional offerings are water, tobacco, or milk & honey. It should be something of value to you and that might be of value to the plant, as well. So mulch or compost are wonderful offerings. Whatever you bring, walk slowly to the plant, hold the offering up to the gods, to gather their blessings. Then scatter the offering over or place it under the plant. Say, "Accept this offering, beautiful [plant-name], bringer of [plant's magical energies]. Add your magic to mine to bing blessings to us all."

  4. Move your hands in a clockwise motion over the plant, extending the offering and the request to all plants of its kind.

  5. I like to play music while I harvest, and I choose music to match the energies I seek in the herbs. I play music that sounds angelic to me when I harvested angelica today. I thought of white light and pure positive energy and of the most beautiful portrayals of angels as helpful beings of light who are pure love and who can help. I played a very different song while harvesting the mint. Demeter's Song by Reclaiming which perfectly reflects the herb's wealth energy, connecting it back to the Earth, mother of all wealth and treasure, nurturer and provider of all we can imagine.

  6. Bring inside, and continue the reverence as you put the herbs onto drying racks, or into bundles to hang upside down.

  7. Burn an earthy, autumnal incense near where the herbs are drying. Waft it over the herbs with your hands. Do this daily as they dry, but never leave the burning incense unattended. Speak to them. Sing to them. Remind them of their energies and find the matching vibration in you. If the herb vibrates love, you vibrate love.Not lack of love. Not need for love. Love itself. Love completed. Love that's already alive and well in your life right now. If the herb vibrates money, you vibrate money. Not lack. Not need. You get all focused on the wealth you already have. You truly feel how blessed you are.

  8. Do these things again when you grind the herb, when you place it into its jar, when you create its whimsical label.

  9. During each of these steps, imagine the plant lending its energy toward your fondest wish, but only if you can do so without feeling the lack of your wish, bur rather its inevitability. Its certainty. Its already-presence somewhere in your life in some other form or some part of the whole. Think of it with joyous expectation, not need or want. Or else skip this step.

Isn't this so much better than the old way?

The Equinox and Balance

Mabon represents a moment of stillness, of balance; a moment when for just a moment day and night are perfectly equal. And the instant that moment passes, the balance has shifted, and our entire being shifts with it, because we are a part of nature.

From day after the Equinox on, each day will be a little bit shorter than its night, each night a little bit longer than its day. The nights will get progressively longer until the longest one of all, the Winter Solstice, when things begin to shift the other way.

To be clear the days have been getting shorter and the nights longer ever since the longest day/shortest night on the Summer Solstice. But it's only at this point, from the Autumnal Equinox on, that the the nights become longer than the days. This is the shift of the scales toward the dark half of the year.

We too, must now shift our focus, from growing to gathering, from asking to receiving, from creating to beginning to bask in our creations.

Capturing the Autumn Equinox Balance Magic

You'll need...

  • A strip of yellow cloth, 12" long or so to represent Air.

  • A piece of red glass, sun catcher, crystal prism, or piece of lava or charcoal to represent Fire.

  • A seashell that can hold a bit of water to represent Water.

  • A stone or crystal to represent Earth.

  • A compass in case you don't know the directions from where you live.

  • Do outdoors if possible

  • Read through first.

  • Half the fun is finding the ingredients or substitutions that work for you.

Meditate for at least 5 minutes. That means sit quietly and focus on some white noise to distract your chatterbox brain. Focus on your breaths moving in and out of your body. Remind yourself that breath is life, it is spirit, it is Source energy and Consciousness travels through it.

Open your arms wide as the moment of the Equinox draws near. Feel the energies of the physical world pulling your body into perfect balance. Feel gravity gently righting your inner tides.

Take a scrap of yellow cloth a strip of yellow paper. Hold it and think of what air is to you. Say aloud, Air, Breath, Mind, Consciousness, Knowledge, Innocence, Potential, Inspiration (In, spirit!)

Take a piece of glass that will reflect and refract light. I would recommend a faceted crystal prism for this part of the spell, but it can be any item that can represent fire to you. So a bit of red glass, a prism, a cinnamon stick, a piece of lava rock or charred coal, such as leftover from the bottom of a campfire. Hold it in your hands and think of what fire is to you. Say aloud, Fire, Sun, Passion, Creativity, Action, Will, Lust, Sex!

Take a goblet of water or a sea shell with some water inside it. Hold it in your hands and think of what water means to you. Say aloud, Water, Emotion, Feeling, Love, Psychism, Healing, Transformation, Wisdom!

Take a stone you have chosen. Hold it in your hands think of what earth is to you. Say aloud, Earth, Body, Home, Health, Wealth, Physical form, stability, strength!

Gather these charmed, magical objects, and place them around your house, outside if possible, inside if not.

The scrap of cloth should be tied to a tree branch toward the East. Blow a kiss.

The red glass or lava should be placed within sight of the sun toward the South. Blow a kiss.

The water or seashell should be placed in the shade toward the West. Blow a kiss.

The stone should be buried or placed on the ground in toward the North. Blow a kiss.

These objects will gently pulse the energies of the elements for as up to a year.

Return to your position of meditation. Sit as long as you feel compelled.

Remember that balance is an instant in time. Just an instant. And even that instant is an illusion. It's never still. Balance is just a point that time passes on its way from one state to the next. Most of our lives are spent in a delicious imbalance, where we are focused more on one area than the others, and that area is constantly shifting. Being aware of that, and being okay with that, can lead us the truest sense of balance and well being we have ever experienced.

Mabon Money Spell

You'll Need:

  • A real or fake dollar bill. (I use fake million dollar bills.) You can also use silver coins.

  • An outdoor patch of clover or mint or a potted mint or clover plant or any other living plant with money associations.Check your reference books!

  • A lodestone (magnetic stone)

Cast a circle around the plant or create sacred space in your own way.

Sit with your open hands, palm down, over the plant, and go very quiet. Feel, do not think. Feel the plant's energies. Feel its consciousness which is a beam from the same source as our own. We are one and the same, and so communication and communion are possible. Relax. Try not to think. Just feel.

Eventually, say:

Child of our wealthy Mother, Earth

Child of our abundant Mother, Gaia

Child of our plentiful Mother, Nature

You are my sister

Add your energies to mine

When our energies combine

Wealth and money flow like wine

Take up the dollar bill and wrap it slowly around the magnetic stone. Or, alternatively, hold the 3 coins in your palm with the magnet. Feel your energy pulsing in your palms. Push that energy into the dollar bill, the stone, the coins.


When our energies combine

Wealth and money flow like wine

Rise up and move in a clockwise circle around the plant. If you can't move all the way around it, move near it, but in a clockwise motion. Dance and continue to chant:

When our energies combine

Wealth and money flow like wine

Over and over, repeat the chant, building in volume, in cadence, in in your dance or motions. Everything should grow faster, louder, bigger. Build and chant and build and chant, and when you feel the energy peak, drop the coin/bill/magnet bundle onto the dirt beneath the plant. As you let it go, feel all the energy you raised go into it, and into the plant.

Now did a little hole, and press the enchanted money charm down into the soil. Cover it up. Forget it's there. It will work quietly to bring abundance to your door.

Blissful Mabon!



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