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“Genie, you’re free.” ~Academy of

“Genie, you’re free.” ~Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences

My post on this topic has been removed, as it seemed to be causing some pain and anger among people who do not understand or want to understand, Law of Attraction. It is never this blog’s intent to put negative energy into the world, no do we seek to convert anyone to our way of thinking. The intent of the removed post was to offer comfort and hope and to discuss the touchy topic of suicide from a Law of Attraction based perspective with a Law of Attraction savvy audience.

People come to this blog to find a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction, and to become empowered to create the lives they want. That is always the perspective that will be offered here. If the notion of that doesn’t appeal to you, then this blog is not for you. The people attracted here are people who want to know how they can fine tune their attitudes and habits of thought to create a better life experience. They are people who feel empowered rather than blamed, when they hear that we create our own reality.

If you’re looking for a general blog about life and fi