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Get What You Want

So how do we get everything we want in life? When asked this question, the first thing I noticed was that it includes two verbs: get and want. Get applies to the thing I wish to acquire because I don't yet have it. Want applies to the thing I desire but don't yet have. In both cases, the energy is conflicted. You can't get what you don't have.

It's about vibration, as everything always is. Always. Anything wrong in my life can be fixed by adjusting my vibration. When we match the vibe of the thing we want, it shimmers into our experience, and feels as if it was there the whole time. We can help that to happen.

Step One

Focus more on what I have than what I don't.

Usually, focus on the desire, or as we call it in the biz, the magical goal, comes with a big heaping of "I don't have it yet." It's hard to get past that. Longing and yearning for a thing include in them the very essence of not having it. There's a bittersweet pang that comes with those emotions. That pang does not match the vibration of experiencing our wish-come-true. Rather, the opposite. Do you see?

So first, shift your attention toward all that you have already created in your life. You have done all of it. Every win, every joyful moment, every obstacle surmounted, every bill paid, everything you treasure--you did all that. Try to be more consistently aware of the great creator you already are. Congratulate yourself on how far you've already come. Take some time to bask in the best parts of the life you have made.

Step Two

Also, you'll start seeing pieces of it, microcosmic miniatures of it, clues about it, directions for managing it and so on. Celebrate each of these, and really own that you created them and that you are on the path to your

Pretty much self-explanatory, right? See it's the feelings that are important here. Why do I want this thing so much? Because of the way I think having it will feel. So identify that feeling, fulfillment, validation, security, joy, fun, whatever. Once you understand the feelings driving you, you're halfway there.

Now find things that already exist in your life that elicit those same feelings in you. We shouldn't need things to make us happy, but having what we desire certainly enhances our joy in life. When we focus on feelings that match the experience we desire, we align our energy to match that feeling. And as you know, when the energies match, manifestation happens.

Step Three

Start looking for parts or mini-versions of your desire

that already exist in your life.

You'll know when you're getting aligned with the desire, because it will start popping up in various forms all around you. It shows up in conversations, in TV shows, on signs you pass on the highway. Someone you know will have it or be it or do it.

Also, you'll seeing pieces of it, microcosmic miniatures of it, clues about it, directions for managing it and so on. Celebrate each of these, and really own that you created them and that you are on the path to your desire.

Step Four


Here's how the desire usually shows up as my new reality. I get so happy with what I have, that I become aware I have all I need. I start to wonder if I could even get any happier. I think about an even bigger desire, and begin getting aligned with that. And then one day, I notice that big thing I wanted has come. I got so aligned with it that it appeared--and it happened so naturally I barely noticed the change.

See, when we match the vibration of what we desire, it's part of us. It's inevitable, and normal, and not such a big deal. We've achieved the feeling that we thought having it would bring, and realize it was the feelings all along, not the thing.

And then we look up and there it is.


A note from Maggie

A thing I've been getting aligned with happened all at once. My former publisher released the rights to all 20+ novels in my career-defining vampire romance series, Wings in the Night. My right hand woman (and daughter) is a teacher, so I only have her during summer vacation. During this summer, our goal is to scan, proofread, format, cover, all of them. We are releasing one title every two weeks for almost a year. And I'm adding original short stories to each one. We'd just got a nice start when I broke my wrist. Not sure if the Universe is telling me to slow down, or reminding me I can do this with one hand. Either way, I'm having a busy summer. That's why it's been a while between posts. I'll try to do better.

Meanwhile, please check out the new products I just added to the magic shop below. Browse the collections, book a tarot reading, check out my self-help books, and catch up on posts you might've missed. I'll be back with another life-enhancing post soon!

Until then,

Be blissful!


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