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Getting Through This

It's hard right now

I know it is. It’s hard to stay aligned when there seems to be disaster all around us. But that’s the thing. Disaster isn’t really all around us. We only perceive it that way because disaster has our full attention.

Look, there is a global pandemic, there’s no denying that. But we don’t have to focus exclusively on that. We can. There’s constant coverage of it and it’s really awful and a little bit addictive. I have found myself scouring the internet for more coverage while watching the 24 hour news channels. It’s compelling to follow along, no question about it.

The good stuff didn’t stop

But there is also a whole lot of other stuff going on in our world, and right up close around us. There is a sun that rises each morning, and is currently bringing the rebirth of springtime to the northern hemisphere. There are blue skies and puffy clouds floating by. There are raindrops and magnificent thunderstorms. There are cool breezes, flowers, trees, and bumble bees. These things exist even if you live in a city. The parks are still open. Drive out of the city and take a walk in the woods. If you don’t have a car, go up to the roof of your building and sit beneath the stars. If you can’t do that, get a VR headset and experience nature virtually, or turn on the television and view Planet Earth or basically any other nature program. You can tell the best ones because they’ll be narrated by Sir David Attenborough and will use film footage by Louis Schwartzberg. Actually, just go to YouTube right now and watch this: And then go find MOVING ART, a series on Netflix that is just nature footage and music in 25 minute episodes. Three seasons’ worth. I’m going to fall asleep watching that every night from now on.

Getting through this

If we are going to get through this physically, we have to stay home and stay healthy. Even Abraham, my favorite spiritual teacher, is teaching from home via livestream these days.

But we also want to emerge from this mentally, spiritually, and emotionally intact. We cannot block our connection to Source, to joy, to life. The only way we can maintain those open flow of these things is to focus on them. And the best way we can focus on them is to look for things here and now that are pleasing to us, rather than focusing all the time on the one big thing that is not.

Just because a big, bad thing happens, does not mean all the myriad other wonderful things stop happening. The rest of this beautiful life does not cease to exist for us. We’ve just turned our attention away from it.

Turn your camera

“How can you say everything’s okay?” Someone is asking as they read this. “People are sick. People are dying!”

Yes, 7,700 people are dying every day in the US. That’s on a normal, average, non-pandemic day. And yet, we are not glued to the TV screen, holding our breath, counting up those numbers as each day unfolds and grieving vicariously for every one of them. We don’t even know about them, unless they were famous.

The virus only increases that number by about 547, if the worst of the predictions are true. So what are you going to do, grieve and cry for just those 547? What about the other 7700? Why is one set of people we’ve never met making their transition, any more painful to us than another?

We don’t grieve every stranger’s demise because it would mean spending every minute of every day in grief. And that’s not what we are here to do. That would make no sense. We’d never have a moment’s happiness again.

Besides, they aren’t really dead!

Those who cross over are alive and thriving in a non-physical form. They are consciousness, no longer bound to a single perspective. They are with their families and loved ones still, in us and with us and around us and interacting with us non-stop. There’s no such thing as death the way most define it. It’s not an end, it’s a transition. There’s no separation, only perceived separation, and even that is only temporary.

What if someone I love is sick?

Chances are pretty good we’re all going to experience someone we love getting this disease. And we will worry and we will be frustrated by not being able to go and be with them. My granddaughter, her partner and their baby, my 5 month old great grandson Will, all had it. So I worried. But they are okay now, as 80% of those who get it will be. A couple of ER visits, a lot of misery, but they’re all better.

Most who get this thing will recover from it.

What if someone I love dies?

Then we’re going to grieve and we’re going to mourn. There’s no avoiding the emotional blow of someone who is in our everyday physical lives, suddenly not being there anymore. So we grieve, and we miss them, and we suffer. And that’s okay. It’s okay. Every tear is sending forth a wish to reconnect with them, and a wish for an end to the sadness. Every sob is a wish to experience their presence again, and every spasm of heartache is a wish to experience joy again. Or at least relief. And as you know, this is how your future reality is created. You wish for it from your place of not having it, and it becomes. Then as you align again, you experience it.

In time, the pain will ease and you will begin to find little pieces of relief here and there. And then, gradually, sparks of joy here and there. And eventually the joy will be more and the pain will be less, and you will come back into alignment again. And when you do, you will begin feeling them again. You’ll imagine the look on their face when something funny or icky happens. You’ll imagine the quirk in their brow or their dimples when they smile, and you will know that’s not imagination. That’s them, making contact. When that happens, believe in it, and talk to them, and imagine their replies, and know this is real conversation. They are non-physical now, so we have to hear them without our physical ears, see them without our physical eyes, feel them without touching. We do that in our dreams, and they will visit with us there too. But we can also do it during our waking hours, in that place we call imagination that isn’t imaginary at all. It’s just non-physical.

And some time after all that, we, each of us, will also leave our bodies, and be reunited with them in a far more satisfying and complete way that feels even more real than being with them in the physical world did.

That’s what happens if someone we love dies. We find our way through the grief, we find them again as best we can while physical, and sooner or later, we are reunited.

What if someone dies before their time?

There is no such thing as anyone dying “before their time.” No. Such. Thing. They can die before we wish they would, before we are ready to let them go. In fact, I think every death is premature based on those parameters. Nobody is ever ready for someone they love to transition from physical to non-physical. But they do. They all do. WE all do.

There are very big reasons why people leave their physical shells when they do. The timing is always perfectly coordinated with their Higher Selves for their greater good and sometimes, in cases where masses leave all in the same manner as is happening with CV, for the greater good of us all. And by good I mean expansion.

All of this is expansion. The experience of it. Getting sick with it. Getting better from it. Dying from it. It’s all expansion. CV is causing a massive forward evolution of us all and of The Whole in countless ways, some of which can be seen, but most of which cannot. At least not by us here and now. Later, we’ll see it clearly.

Back to our focus

So now we’re back where we began, focusing on what is good right now. Because really, if someone we love is going to die from this, won’t we be glad we didn’t waste all the time we had with them dreading the time when we wouldn’t? And if we, ourselves, are going to die from this, won’t we be glad we spent our lives living in joy instead of in worry and fear? And if no one we love dies of this, won’t we be glad we didn’t spend six months of our lives dreading something that never happened, and missing out on every scrap of joy life offered us during that whole time?

Live life now!

We mustn’t let ourselves push the pause buttons on our lives. Yes, we’re either at home, or working more than ever before if we’re in health care or public education, but we are still divine spirit in physical form. We should be creating and communicating and basking and exploring and learning and living and loving and laughing as much as we possibly can. Not just now, always!

But now, even more than ever before. Because now is all that really matters. And the reason it matters is because our focus in the now is actively creating our future. Happiness today creates a happier tomorrow, and that creates a happier day after tomorrow and so on, exponentially, to infinity and beyond. We go where we are looking. Like all the multiple times I’ve nearly gone off the road looking at an eagle or a red-tail hawk on the horizon off to the right. Where you look is where you’re steering.

So look at what’s good, and I’ll look at what’s good, and together we’ll steer the future where we want it to be. Past this moment. WAY past this moment, and into all the vast and blissful improvements this moment caused us to create.

See you next time!

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