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God as Gamer

Today to help me get into the the vibe of meditation, I thought being aligned with my non-physical self means leaving it all behind. All those things I worry about all day, the to do list, the grocery list, the bills. All the stuff I know about my profession. All the rules and facts and methods. All the grammar and spelling. All the point-of-view rules especially. (You’ll see why.)

I felt myself rising and spreading broader. I sensed I was experiencing myself as consciousness. Pure consciousness. Well, as pure as it can get for a human with a cluttered mind living through a time of…. never mind. We won’t go there. Just float. Just let it go. Just rise above it all.

I noticed as I floated that I could look left and right and see other consciousnesses. Our faces spread out in a fan pattern where I was the center of the fan, and we were looking at each other like the kids in the opening of The Brady Bunch, and we were smiling and shaking our heads and thinking lovingly, These humans! Am I right? I was with the Higher Consciousnesses of everyone I loved, alive or dead. And then I realized we were all parts of a single greater being. Separate, yet one. Just like when we’re on earth!

And then I noticed we all had game paddles in our hands. And WE were watching ourselves. I mean, your Higher Self was watching you, and my Higher Self was watching me. The me on earth was my Higher Self’s avatar in the game of life. I, the greater I, was using the joystick to move my physical self around.

So she (the physical me) would experience something in her life that would make her wish for something more wonderful, which I popped into existence for her the second she wished for it. POP! Now she just needs to tune it in. My (the higher my) job is to guide her toward her wish.

Here’s the kicker. She doesn’t have to go where my controller tells her to go. My controller doesn’t MOVE her, it just gives her impulses. She can follow them or ignore them.

Also, it’s connected via astral Bluetooth, and sometimes she strays out of range of its signal. She does this by not meditating regularly, or by watching too much news, or by reading things ignorant people post on social media. And so Higher Me starts frantically moving the joystick and pushing buttons like a 14-year-old boy from the 90s. But little avatar me is going opposite of where I’m telling her. She’s not just ignoring my impulses, she’s not even receiving them.

Is Higher Me frustrated? Nope. I’m smiling like a mom watching her baby take its first steps. And I look to the Higher Self to my left, and notice they are doing the same thing. We’re all up there like mad gamers, fingers flying on the Dual-shock game paddles, tongues in the corners of our mouths in rapt focus, and our avatars are just doing their own thing. They’re bumbling around, bouncing off the walls, bouncing off each other, and wondering why nothing’s going right. And we start laughing. We all just start laughing.

At that point I know I am about halfway through my meditation time, and I‘m dying to write about the experience, but I don’t want to leave yet. This feels too good. So I settle myself back in, release my thoughts, even the laughter, though chuckles continue to bubble up now and again. I’m counting my breaths and feeling the sisterhood/brotherhood/gender-less hood of Higher selves around me, and I realize it’s not just the people I love. People I don’t like are there, too. Their HIGHER beings, their SOULS, the ones who are holding their game paddles, are all here.

And I think even the ones among them my human self dislikes the most, aren’t anything like their avatars on earth. They are just consciousness. Pure positive energy beings of consciousness, working their game paddles and being ignored. Oh, every once in a while one of their guys wanders within range. They find delight in something or fall in love or reproduce or see a rainbow. And for that instant, they find the signal. And we (the Higher We) can stream our guidance straight into their beautiful physical brains and hearts and brilliant minds.

You must pay attention to ideas that come you during moments of bliss. These come from the Higher You.

And when you can stay in range of your Higher Self’s signal most of the time, She is able to help you find what you want. Because when you’re connected, we whisper go this way, and you go that way. We can see the best path to what you want from broader perspective. The whole game map. We have all the cheat codes.

Anyway, I got off track there. I was seeing that the person I think I dislike most was really just consciousness. Just light. Everything about him that I hate is just him bouncing off the walls because his controller is out of range and he can’t find the signal. His light being, his consciousness, is a really cool person or being or purple sparkly mist or whatever. He’s just disconnected. Out of range.

He’s made of light, I thought. He’s just light. We’re all just light. We’re all just consciousness, and WOW what BROAD consciousness. I can be aware of anything

And suddenly what I’m aware of is that we’re all kind of within a bubble. Not a bubble. We are within a being. And I look up, and up, and up, and I see Her, the gentle mother, holding us all within Her arms, within Her being, just as we all hold OUR avatars within OUR beings. And they all hold their children and all their creations within their beings. And we’re all together in this beautiful fractal. The pattern of mother holding child repeats. The pattern of Creatrix holding Her creations repeats larger and larger for want of a better term. And smaller and smaller.

Every part of a fractal includes the whole image. The more you magnify the image, you just keep seeing the same pattern within the same pattern over and over, and if you shrink it, the same thing.

This meditation/vision was a very strong one for me. It reminded me to do whatever it takes to stay within range of my Higher Self’s astral Bluetooth signal. I like to be able to trust my impulses, knowing that She has the controller in her hand and that our connection is strong.

This is powerful stuff. I don’t know how it translates to you, but to me this was huge.

(And yes, I know it’s the same message said in a different way but it felt so freaking awesome!)




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