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Group Magic for Health and Well Being

We can combine our energy to focus on healing the world!

To participate, do this daily upon rising

3-Minute Magic to Restore Health and Well-Being in the World

Tips: * Read it through a couple of times first. * Copy the bullet points at the end to a notecard to have nearby. * Perform upon rising each morning as often as you can * Do not make it work. Do not be guilty for missing a day. Be easy about it. * Remember not to focus AGAINST anything. Focus FOR wellness. * Afterward, have a grain-based snack to help ground your energy. * The rite should leave you energized, re-balanced, and feeling great. * It actually will help!


The Meditation

Sit comfortably, eyes closed, hands in prayer position in front of the chest. Quiet the mind with deep, cleansing breaths.

When your mind goes quiet, draw up green glowing Earth energy. Feel it coming up from below through your feet and legs and tailbone, suffusing your body, filling it from the bottom up. When it touches the spine, and blasts upward.

Draw down golden sparkling Source energy. Feel it beaming down from above through the top of your head, suffusing your body, filling it from the top down. As shaft of it reaches the spine and blasts downward.

The two beams, green and gold if you like, meet in the center activating in your solar plexus. You feel this pulsing sphere of energy there. Hands are folded in front of your chest.

Attuune your thoughts now. Attune to well being, to physical health, to immunity, to resilience, to longevity, all those green physical feeling things. Balance. Wellness. Vitality. Healing. Health. See it. See people coming together, hugging, happy, healthy, confident, fearless because there is nothing to fear. See well being. See a healthy earth, green and growing and lush with abundance. See well being. See healthy clear blue skies, with fluffy white clouds, and fresh air. Taste it. Smell it. See clean crystal clear rivers and lakes and oceans, abundant with life. See healthy, strong people, breathing and laughing and loving and creating, their bodies strong and thriving and healthy. See life the way you desire it to be.

Feel the pulsing sphere in your center growing with every thought–brighter, stronger, more focused, bigger, pushing, expanding, energized. Feel the excitement of it building in you. This is Divine Energy, Source Energy, Earth Energy!

When the sphere in your middle is almost too big to contain, open your arms wide and tip your head back, and allow the sphere to expand instantly to encompass the planet. It explodes like the Big Bang. See its light emanate from your outstretched fingertips, from your heart, from your third eye, from your crown, from your center, from your base, from your palms, from your toes, from every cell of your body reaching out to encompass all humankind.


Meditation for World Wellness Cheat Sheet▪Crossed legs, prayer hands, eyes closed.▪Relax & breathe into a state of quiet and connection▪Draw up Earth energy▪Draw down Source energy▪Feel them meet and create a glowing energy sphere in your center▪Align the energy to health, well-being, abundance, joy▪Expand the energy until it’s peaking.▪Fling arms out wide, head back, RELEASE.▪Ground and Center – Refresh with a grainy snack.


Remember this energy is coming THROUGH you, not FROM you. You should feel good afterward.

Bonus: On the way through you, the Source/Earth energy heals and balances your body, aligns you with Divine energy, raises your vibration, energizes your mood and enhances your power in all things.


Gregg Braden and the Global Coherence Initiative have compiled data comparing rates of things like violent crime in a given area before, during, and after large groups of people participate in focused meditations similar to the one above. Crime rates actually go down during and after group meditations focused on peace. They have repeated the experiment over and over with the same results. It actually works. You can learn more at

In my opinion, it would work even better if one tweaked the meditation to include the components of magic, and that’s what I have done with the guided meditation above.

To perform magic, we Witches channel energy, attune it to the goal, excite it to a peak vibration, and then release it all at once. The meditation above includes those added components.

To enhance it even more, we could fill the area where we plan to do this daily, morning meditation, with items that we perceive to match the vibration of excellent health, wellness, balance, abundance. Living plants like clover, mint, rosemary, sage. Crystals like quartz, bloodstone, emerald, onyx. Green things. Growing things.

But that can be added as we go along. Just begin by waking, rising, getting comfortable, and spending a couple of minutes on this practice.

By doing it when we rise, we send a wave of healing, that overlaps a wave of healing, that overlaps a wave of healing, as we rise at different times in different time zones. I think this creates a beautiful tapestry and a time of continuous IV drip of well being into the world and into our little individual corners of it.

Please share your experiences over on the Facebook Group where I will also by posting this.

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