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Hack Your Vibe For Rapid Manifestations

First: ff there’s something you’re waiting for, something you want to happen in your business or in your life, you’re right where you should be.

You're not alone...

We are ALL always waiting for something we want to come to us. We are all ALWAYS waiting for something we want to come to us. We are all always WAITING for something we want to come to us.

That’s what life is.

Before one dream comes true, we’ve already launched several brand new dreams. We are in a perpetual state of creating our lives. Here are the steps we’re living over and over again.

  1. Problem or challenge, aka, noticing the absence of something.

  2. Desire for solution, aka, wishing for the presence of that something.

  3. Another problem or challenge, aka, getting distracted with a new issue.

  4. Desire for solution to new problem is launched and gets our focus.

  5. Solution for the older problem arrives, and we often don’t even notice.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

This isn’t my big breakthrough. This is something we already know if we’ve been paying attention.

To get something that’s been eluding you, let go of it entirely and move on to wanting something else.

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That wasn’t my big insight. THIS WAS…”

What being happy where you are really means...

I’ve been whining about our foliage this year. I’m a foliage nut. Every year I take a thousand pictures of the autumn wildfire coloring the mountains where I live.

This year, we haven’t had any color. I’ve been really grieving it, and worrying that maybe the 13-day heat wave of 85-90 degrees in mid-to-late September ruined our autumn splendor.

Then one day last week after meditation I got this very clear message: This is an opportunity practice and fine tune the art of being happy where you are.

Last year’s foliage.

I looked around at the brown hillsides, and thought, how can I be happy with this when what I want is that?

And then I spotted one red tree on the hillside across the street from my home and my understanding deepened.

It’s not so much about being happy where you are, it’s finding that thing you are wanting right where you are.

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That’s a very subtle difference, but it’s a vital difference, and a powerful tool for adjusting your radio dial just a little bit. So I’ll say it again.

Find that thing you’re waiting for in your life right now.

How can I find what I don't have?

This is where the magic comes in. To find what you don’t have, you have to give up  on the idea that you don’t have it. You have to accept that it exists, that your desire for it created it the second the thought crossed your mind.

So skip the step where you’re waiting for it and trying to be happy without it until it arrives. That’s off. That’s the static between the stations on our radio dial.

Instead, start looking for it NOW. Accept that it’s real and the only thing between it and you is your inability to  see it. And take the challenge up.  Start looking for it and actually expecting to see it.

And you will.

The red tree speaks...

That one red tree on the hillside across the  street was telling me, “Here I am. I’m just what you’re so sure you don’t have, right here where you already are. Pay attention to me. I’m. Right. Here.”

So I did just that, the second the understanding dawned.

I wasn’t supposed to happy despite the lack of color. I was supposed to find the color and eradicate the notion of lack.

Lack of any kind is nothing but an illusion!

So I started looking harder, picking out just one bright red beauty here, and then an orange glow over there, and then a bright yellow flash somewhere else.

By the end of the first day I started doing this, I swear to you, the hillsides around me had quite a more color than they’d had before.

Today is Day 3. And this morning, I woke up to bright, vivid color. The rest of the photos in this piece were just taken this morning. (I drafted this post day before yesterday–there was very little color. Last year at this time we were past peak.)

Go more general...

If you’re too specific, sometimes that can trip you up. If my goal was for one specific tree, say the maple in my back yard, to turn one specific color, say crimson, I’d be going for a goal far too specific.

Better to broaden the focus a little bit. I want vivid autumn foliage.

Better still, to broaden it even more. I do this by identifying why I want it. What is it I’m really after?

Some pondering on that gives me the answer. I want that sense of breathless wonder I get when I see vivid fall colors. I want that feeling of being almost overwhelmed by the natural beauty around me. I want to be unable to drive my car more than a half mile without  stopping to snap a photo. I want that excitement, that delight, that pure appreciation that I get from autumn.

From that more general place, I can begin looking for things that I have in my life and in my surroundings, right here and right now, that give me that same kind of thrill. This attunes me to the same vibration of the fall foliage and makes it more visible to me.

Last night’s nearly full Harvest Moon gave me that same set of sensations. So do spiderwebs in trees sparkling with dew in the early morning sunshine. So do dragonflies and butterflies and the eagle I saw yesterday, perched atop a beaver’s hut, all majestic and breathtaking.

Practical application...

So what is it your want? Let’s apply this in a real way.

  1. Identify what you want, and go deeper, to identify why you want it.

  2. What feelings will having it give you?

  3. What other things give you the same feelings?

  4. What things in your life right now that give you those same feelings?

  5. Start looking for signs of that very thing you want in your life.

You always find what you go looking for.

So fine tune your dial.

Finding things to be happy about right where you are is a wonderful practice.

Learning to be happy regardless of “things” or circumstances is an even better one.

But the secret to rapid manifestation is the mind-blowing realization that you can create anything in your life by believing that you can, and then looking for the proof that you  already have.

Happy Fall!

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