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Halloween Recap!

Ahh, but let me tell you some of the more interesting things that happened this Halloween at Serenity. Lance and I didn’t do costumes this year. The bar where we went last year for the costume party has closed, and I’m missing it, but letting the Universe know we’d love to stumble upon another fun, not too crowded, mild-mannered, fully costumed event to make into our Halloween tradition. This year we stayed home, bought candy in case any trick-or-treaters showed up, and ate most of it ourselves when none did. We spent most of the evening by candlelight and lamplight, which was a cool way to spend All Hallows! When the power returned, we watched a bit of the original Night of the Living Dead (1968) for kicks, and it was just as deliciously campy as I thought it was.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. That was later. The daylight hours were the most fascinating. Lance had things to do at his place, and I had things to do here, so we split for the day. But within a little while after he left, my power went out. So I couldn’t post my pumpkins or other pics or even a Halloween blog! It stayed out all day long, from 11 a.m. until well after 8 p.m. Halloween night. So with nothing much I could do (besides realizing we are way too dependent upon electricity!) I cleaned my temple room, and spent the day in a solitairy Samhain ritual, giving thanks to the Universe for all the wonderful fruits I’ve harvested this year. And as I sat in silent meditation, a whole lot of information that seemed very deep, and very real, came flowing to me. So I wrote it all down. About 30 pages worth, in fact. And it felt good.

And then, just before sunset–this…..

Halloween. Samhain. It’s the time of the final harvest. Symbolically, it’s when we take stock of the seeds we planted in the spring, and crops we grew over the summer, and the quality of the harvest we’ve brought in. This year it fell on the very day when the Fall Royalties are being mailed from my main publisher. Harvest. Paychecks count as part of that harvest!

The work is done. The time for reflecting and taking stock will soon be upon us, but first, comes the sheer bliss of looking at just what we’ve accomplished this year, at all the wonders the Universe has brought to us, at all the goals and desires we’ve managed to manifest in our lives. And more than just looking at them, we ought to let ourselves really relish and bask in them. That’s true appreciation. Basking, as we give thanks.

Life is good. Life here is very, very good. I love the things that have grown for me this year. And I am looking forward to basking in them over the quiet, dark months of the winter, even while thinking about the seeds I want to plant in the spring.

Happy Halloween! Blessed Samhain! Now, go forth and bask!


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