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There's a Netflix show on meditation. Can you believe it? It's called Headspace: A Guide to Meditation.

Here's a trailer. Watch this, then I'll tell you about my experience with it.

My Experience

I use TV as background noise. I turn it on to something that won't hold my attention too hard, and then try to dive into my day's work, which always involves the computer. As I sink into whatever I am doing, I keep reaching for the TV remote to turn the volume down. Soon it's only a dull murmur and I'm unaware of it.

It's my method and it works for me.

My Meditation Practice

To be honest, my practice has dwindled to almost zero in the past several weeks. There was this big 27-book project that took a whole year, you see. (I wonder how long I can ride that excuse? I finished it last week, so, a little bit longer?) I got really busy and I let my practice slide.

And I feel it.

It Happened By Accident

I was looking for background noise that wasn't news, because news just pisses me off lately, and I came upon the Headspace: Guide to Meditation series on Netflix. I put on Episode 1, and opened my laptop to start my day's work.