• Maggie Shayne

How Divination Works

Briefly: What is Divination?

Divination, according to the dictionary, is “The practice of seeking knowledge of the future by supernatural means.”

Well, that’s off. First, it’s seeking knowledge, period. Not just knowledge of the future, but all sorts of knowledge. Most importantly, knowledge about your own inner being, your own connection, your own baggage, focus, goals, and pathways to reach them.

Second, it’s not “by supernatural means” because there’s no such thing as supernatural. Everything is part of nature, and as such, is natural. Our connection to Source is natural. Not supernatural.

If I wrote a dictionary, I would define divination this way: “Seeking knowledge, wisdom and guidance from the Divine, often with the assistance of tools such as cards, pendulums, runes, and many other items and methods.”

Divination comes from the root word “Divine.” Keep that in mind as you practice.

Here’s How Divination Works

Say you’re a field mouse. You live in a little burrow in the middle of a vast field of lush grasses and wildflowers. You want to take your family to the woods, to find berries and apples, and to the spot where the river has spilled small puddles of sweet clean water into basins just the right size for your family’s drinking and splashing pleasure.

Say you have a best friend, an eagle. A vegetarian eagle who does not eat mice. (Just go with it, it’s a good analogy, I promise.)

As the mouse leaves her burrow, she can only see as far as the tall grasses around her. But the eagle can see the entire meadow. She can see the shortest path to the woods and the water, and she can also see the safest path. She can see every obstacle the mouse might encounter along the way.

So the mouse can either wander in the general direction of what she wants, tripping, falling, running into boulders, cliffs, waterfalls, and snakes along the way — or the mouse can talk to the eagle first.

The eagle can be the mouse’s GPS.

A person who is reading, is getting information directly from the eagle, who can also see forward and backward in time and has access to all knowledge ever learned. The eagle is your Higher Self.

How to communicate with your eagle

Developing a meditation practice of your own will plug you into your eagle every morning. You can download everything you’ll need for the day ahead in those few moments of meditation first thing in the a.m. I recommend it highly. If you do this, you will seldom need any help from outside sources to know what your Higher Self has to say to you.

Divination is a little bit different from meditation. It’s more specifically focused, longer in duration, and often is asking your eagle for information for a different mouse. Divination is usually done for others. (Although I divine for myself quite regularly.)

My process

Before divination, I quiet my mind, focus on the person I’m reading for, open my channels, and allow whatever information that person most needs to flow through me. This is possible because my eagle and everyone else’s eagle are parts of one great big bird.

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That is, my Higher Self and everyone else’s Higher Selves are all parts of that which we call God, or Goddess, or Source, or The Universe, or The Whole, or The All. We are all one. And it is through that oneness that any of us can channel wisdom for any other of us. Because that Whole includes everyone who ever lived and everything they ever learned. We can just dip into the well of knowledge and pull out a cup of whatever our client needs to know. But we don’t really have to.

The most important thing for any reader or channeler or diviner to know is that we are not needed.

We all have access

Every human came to earth in this way: A great single consciousness–that being you call God–created a body, and sent a tiny bit of itself into that body with the first breath to experience a physical lifetime. That piece of Goddess that resides in our body is what we call our Soul, but most of us is still non-physical.

So every single human has the ability to quiet her mind through meditation, and raise her vibration by basking in all things good, and connect to her Higher Self, her Bigger Self, her God-Self, without outside assistance.

Prayer, appreciation, joy, meditation, positivity, all these things help us to tune to the wavelength of Source, and once we’ve tuned, we can “hear” everything Source is saying to us.

It’s just a matter of developing the habit of being aligned, of being positive, of taking those 15 minutes a day to meditate, and of practicing PRESENCE. Presence means, stop what we’re doing and bask in the very moment in the very time in the very place where we currently stand. Do that many times a day. Eventually you’ll be doing it most of the day. Eventually, you’ll be present all day, everyday, with only brief ripples in your state of satisfaction. (And those ripples’ purpose is to reveal how we