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How Magic Works

Define Magic

So to begin, let’s agree to define magic as, “to create change at will by non-physical means.”

But I have trouble with even this much, because I know that all change is accomplished by non-physical means long before it happens physically. And I also know that the change created by the practitioner of natural magic, is really a change within her.

Magic is this: I am a person who does not have X. I recognize that I would prefer to have X. I then morph myself into the version of me who has X.

We change OURSELVES, by adjusting our vibration and allowing a new reality to shimmer into existence around us.

Yeah, but how?

Natural magic is a beautiful, ritualized way to adjust our vibrations to match the things we desire.

Like attracts like

When designing a magical rite or spell, we try to include as many things as we can that match the vibe we’re aiming for. That is, the vibration of our magical goal.

There are countless reference books that list the magical properties of herbs, oils, gemstones, colors, numbers and symbols. Money vibrates with clover and sage and pennyroyal, with gold and silver and green, with emeralds and moss agate, with patchouli oil.

Spellcrafting is an art

When you have a full list of correspondences to your magical goal, you put them together into a spell. You choose the herb, the oil, the stone, one or all of them. You can even use the number of syllables per line to match the spell’s goal. For money, I like 10s. You might prefer a different number.

What's really happening

Our focus is on our magic. Our attention is on matching the vibration of our goal the entire time we are creating the spell, choosing the ingredients, choreographing the rite. And then again, super charged in sacred space, when we actually cast the spell.

All that focus on the goal without a hint of resistance, is enough to make you wonder how it can possibly not manifest.

Look, we create reality by vibrating in accordance with the reality we want. Magic just helps adjust wavelength.

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