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How To Get What You Ask For (and How Not To)

A while ago, I put it out to the Universe that I’d like a new revenue stream. Something that would be less work, but keep the income flowing in. Then I set about doing all sorts of acrobatics to create one.

An Easier Flow

It’s not that I want to stop writing. (Although I’d love to stop marketing!) But I wanted something else, something easy and fun that could keep income flowing even when I don’t feel like writing. Something my hot young hubs can keep going after I croak. Unless I outlive him, which is entirely possible. 

Then what?

Right, so I put it out to the Universe. And then, like a rank amateur, I started doing handsprings to create my new revenue stream. I almost bought out a motorcycle shop to make into a new age shop.

The Universe didn’t make that go easily, so I let it go. Briefly.

Then I started building an online shop, because I’m stubborn. I formed an LLC, got a retail sales tax license, built the shop on one site, then scrapped it and started on another, bought a few items wholesale, bought domain names, one of which went to a porn site if you made a very tiny error, so I bought more domain names–(inhale)–almost opened, didn’t open, decided to wait until I had more stuff and could really do a wiz bang opening, researched oils, talked to wholesalers, yada yada yada.

And I'm exhausted

I still want the shop. I’m still going to do the shop. (I think.) I did a tarot reading about it, and learned that it will be wonderful and successful, but that the work-to-income ratio will be about the same as with my novel writing (and marketing and marketing and marketing.) Which is not what I was going for to begin with.

Then this happened...

My koi reproduced. We had hundreds, maybe thousands of koi fry. And my first thought was, “What am I going to do with all these koi? I hope nature whittles them down!”

Then my hubs talked to a fellow at a pet supply store, who put him in touch with their fish expert, who said their chain will buy all the 4-to-5-inch koi we can raise at a decent price, and that we could sell them to individuals all day long at that size, and get even more for them the bigger they grow.

And now my attitude changed to, “OMG, the bigger fish and frogs and maybe a turtle are eating my babies! Save them!”

Note to self:

Don’t ask, and then try to make it happen. Ask, and then align, allow, and await.

I did not do any cartwheels to make my fish reproduce. No effort was involved. No licensing had to be purchased. It happened because I told the Universe I wanted an easy, fun revenue stream, and the Universe never says no. I get whatever I align with.

I think the many hours I have spent this summer and last, basking by that pond and watching the big fish swim and sway and splash, helped a whole lot with that alignment.

And now maybe there’s a goldmine in my pond.

I just need to catch that turtle.

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