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How to Have Better Days

I'm lmao...

Okay, so I’ve been finishing up The Bliss Book, and there’s a chapter in there about world events, where I describe myself as a recovering news junkie. I state in the book that I can now watch politics like I’m watching a reality show, not letting it suck me in too much, always aware that we humans are truly making all this up.

We sure do love our drama! But we really are making this up, both the big WE, humankind as a whole, and the individual we as well. We are projectors of consciousness. Our bodies are like those tall blue ones in Avatar. They are not the being within them. The being with in them is a part of something else, and in our case, something broader.

Well, before we publish The Bliss Book next month, I’ll be changing that part about how I can watch news like a reality show and not get sucked in, because it turns out, it’s not true.

Look, the news, of late, has been mesmerizing. I think for a lot of us, right? It’s one t