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How to Measure Your Vibe

People are asking how they’re supposed to find the positive when so many bad things seem to be happening in the world. This post is going to tell you how to do that and also how to tell where your vibration’s default setting is.

It's all about your default setting

If you are person who has practiced being positive so long that it has become your default setting, you will have a much easier time maintaining your levels through hard times. So the question is, are you?

A lot of people who think they lean more optimistic than pessimistic, are actually the opposite and don’t even know it. But lately, through the magic of Facebook, I’ve found a way to tell.

Watch this video

What’s your first thought after watching that? Find it without thinking too much. Just give your knee-jerk reaction.

And there's your answer

I saw this video online. I shared this video online. I considered it a feel-good, uplifting video. Many of the positive people on the uplifting FB Group where I found it, also felt that way about it.

But there were a few, as there always are, whose immediate reaction was something along the lines of, “It’s a crying shame how much pollution there is in the world!” Or “When will people wake up and care for the planet?” Or “Imagine all the animals that didn’t get saved!”

Those people probably don’t realize it, but their default setting is not positive. It’s negative.

Need another example?

Okay, it seems like no one would be able to find a negative comment for this one, right? A public “Food Forest” where fruits and veggies are abundant and free for anyone who wants to eat them.

And yet, someone’s knee jerk reaction, the very first thing they thought to post in comments was, “Well, I certainly hope it’s chemical and GMO free!” (And it went on, about how pesticides get through apple skins and how hard it is to get them out.)

Start small...

Here’s the thing. If you can’t watch a positive video without finding a negative angle, how the heck are you going to be able to look for silver linings when things really get dark?

The way to get through hard times is to have stayed positive during good times. To be the kind of person who automatically looks for something good in every situation.

This doesn’t mean we never feel badly. Of course every human is going to experience the full range of human emotion. When we go through pain and loss, we’re going to hurt. We’re going to grieve.

But we can also find solace during the darkness, and recover and heal a lot faster, if we have developed a strong core of positivity before the tragedy.

Every subject is two subjects

That’s something I hear all the time from my favorite spiritual teacher, Esther Hicks. Every subject is two. Take the subject of sugar. Thinking of sugar can be savoring the sweet taste of a candy, or listing the research that says eating sugar is roughly equivalent to, say, drinking anti-freeze.

Actually, it’s more than two subjects, because it also encompasses everything between those two extreme ends of the sugary spectrum.

When you think of money, what is your feeling? Are you feeling like “money is awesome and I love using it to buy cool stuff and share with those I love!” Or, more like, “I never have enough money. I’m constantly in debt. I hate how much things cost.” Same subject. Opposite vibrations.

Global Tragedies

So how do we take this approach when something big and bad enough to rate 24 hour news coverage happens?

  1. Give yourself permission to feel sadness, and compassion for those impacted.

  2. Remind yourself that while this big bad thing did happen, it’s one event out of countless zillions of events that were not horrible. Most of the world is fine.

  3. Remind yourself that no matter the cause, no one ever dies before their time. There is  a far higher power over this sort of thing. Our souls are ancient, timeless, and wise. They know what’s the best path for us. Everything is unfolding as it’s supposed to. Sometimes we arrive with the intent to leave early. Many things that make no sense to us here and now, are essential pieces in the perfect mosaic of the Whole, and we’ll only understand later, from our post physical, expanded perspective.

  4. Remind yourself that our insistence of equating “death” with “tragic” is a misunderstanding. There’s a joyous reunion happening that is beyond our imagining every time someone crosses over. Also, see Number 3. Also, it’s never over. We’re eternal. There are no endings.

  5. Remind yourself that the biggest changes come after the biggest challenges. Forest fires fertilize rapid new growth.

  6. Start looking for evidence that something positive is coming from the event. Notice the people pulling together to support each other, the hundred-and-one stories of heroism, the bonds between strangers, the changes in policy that will, inevitably, come in time.

  7. Turn off the news. It doesn’t mean you don’t care. Get busy in your own life, looking for all the blessings you have, and rather than living in fear of losing them, choose to live in a state of blissful appreciation that you have them now, here, in this moment.

You can start now...

Start small. Start by noticing all the great things in your life on GOOD days. Growing a habit of appreciation is the best thing you can do for your life, your income, your health, your business, your family, the world. Notice what’s good. Be in a constant state of appreciation. This is simply a matter of habit. Journal before bed at night about all the good things of the day. Soon it will be automatic to notice them.

Expand bigger. Move into looking for the positive end of every situation, even unpleasant ones. You drive to the store. The store is closed. So what? Enjoy the view on your drive. Rock out to the radio. Feel the performance of your car and be glad you have one. Roll down the windows and let the wind blow in your hair. Watch the skies for eagles or hawks or turkey vultures. Watch the fields for deer and rabbits and coyotes. Watch the homes you pass for flower gardens and lovely lawn features that make you smile. Read funny license plates and bumper stickers. Wave at other humans, and smile at them and watch them smile back.

It feels good to embody the light. You’re going to love it, I promise.

Until next time, choose joy!


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