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How To Put Magic Into Your Life (Magical Living Series, Prologue)


Then we grow up and the magic just fizzles out. But it doesn’t have to. For my first series of blogs posts of 2013, I’m going to tell you how to put the magic back into your everyday life. And no, it’s not make believe. I’m talking about the real thing. This is not about teaching you witchcraft, this is about helping you to recognize the magic that is already there, all around you, that you might not be noticing. (It’s everywhere, it really is. You just have to know where to look, how to recognize it and what it means. Most of us don’t even know to look for it at all!) This is going to be easy, and I think very eye opening for us all. So join me here on the Bliss Blog for the Magical Living Series, beginning next week right here. See you then! Maggie

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