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How to Use Your Birthday Wishes

Wishes are thoughts

Thoughts are things. Thoughts exist. They have vibrational wavelengths. Everything that exists was once a thought. An idea. A notion. A daydream.

Thoughts that are spoken, or written down, have already become a physical thing. A physical representation of themselves. It’s only one more step to become the very thing they are about.

Everything is energy

According to science, we’re made up of energy, and there’s more space between our atoms than there is physical stuff about us. We’re just a bunch of swirling energy blotches and so is everything around us. If you changed the focus of your lens just a little, you would be unable to tell which energy swirls are Maggie and which are Niblet the bulldog and which are the space in between us. (There’s never much space between us, but still…)

Like attracts Like

Or “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” By vibrating at the same wavelength as your desire, you tune it in. It takes form in your existence. That’s the very essence of Magic and the heart of the Law of Attraction. Match the energy, manifest the desire.

A little bit of deliberate focus on the magical goal from a place of excited anticipation can give your goal’s momentum a big push. It’s like boosting your radio signal. Focusing on anything without any resistance, for 16 seconds, Abraham says through Medium Esther Hicks, is enough to get the momentum started, and once you hit 64 seconds, it’s really rolling.

A little magical rite is exactly the best way to focus on your goal without resistance for considerably longer than 64 seconds.

Cashing In your Birthday Wishes Ritual

This spell is designed to collect all the birthday wishes people send to you on your birthday and transmute them into any goal you wish. You will need:

  1. Your birthday candles, plucked from the cake after you’ve blown them out. Doesn’t matter how many.

  2. A small flameproof, flat surface. (I use a pie plate or cookie sheet.) You can line with tin foil for easier cleanup.

  3. Sea salt. (1/4 cup or so.)

  4. A lighter

  5. Something representing your wish or goal.

Remove 2 of the candles and set them aside.

Tip: Use your lighter to warm the bottom of each candle before placing it on the cookie sheet. Press hard so they will stand up by themselves. Be calm and move slowly. If you knock them all down, start over. Do it joyfully. Blissfully. You should only perform this rite when you are feeling extremely aligned, upbeat and positive. Happy!

Tip 2: Hubby put sparky little candles on my cake. They spit and sparkle as they burn, and they’re super skinny. These are PERFECT for this charm.

Place one of the candles you’re saved, in the center of the pan, right in line with the point of your arrow.

Place the final saved candle at the far right end of the pan, leaving an inch or two between it and the pan’s edge.

Take an item that represents your magical goal (a dollar bill for money, a heart for love, a rose for beauty, etc) or just write your wish on a small piece of paper and roll it up. This has to be a small item. Place it in front of the far right candle.

Draw a line of salt from the point of your arrow, to the center candle.

Draw another line of salt from the center candle almost to the farthest candle.

Draw a circle of salt from the end of that line, clockwise around the candle and the wish, encircling both in salt and ending the circle where it began.

Now you are ready.

The Enchantment

This spell is based on one I learned from author and Witch Dorothy Morrison. She created it to transmute negative energy into positive. Since I never focus on negative anything, ever, my modifications take positive vibes sent my way, and super-charges them.

Take a few deep breaths. think about your goal and feel those wonderful feelings you know having it will bring. Feel them now. Think of all the things that you feel that way about already. Be your goal. Lift your energy.

Think about all the love beaming your way from friends and loved ones, all focusing their well wishes on you, all at the same time. Feel the power of that.

Light the birthday candles that form the arrow, from leftmost, to rightmost, igniting the point of the arrow last. Imagine all the love and well wishes flowing into those candles, and converging at the point, saying, Birthday wishes sent to me, By the Goddess, blessed be.

With your eyes, trace the salt line to the center candle, use your hands if you feel so moved, to guide the energy along, and light the middle candle, saying: Activate by candlelight, Travel fast and pure and bright.

Here the energy burns pure. It’s just pure love, pure light, no accidental static or resistance remains. It gets even stronger now, because of your direct attention to it.

Next, trace the line of salt from the center candle to the circle, then clockwise ’round the circle back to the beginning. Trace it with your eyes, use your hands. See and feel and guide the energy flowing along the salt and then filling in the center, filling and building and pulsing there, a sphere of pure positive force, filling the area where your wish lies. Light the final candle, saying:

Straight into my spell you go! By my will I make it so.

Now repeat the whole thing while the candles burn. Repeat it three times, increasing in tempo and volume and passion with each repetition. After repeating the full rhyme three times, repeat the final two lines three times. After that, repeat just the final line tree times.

Birthday wishes, sent to me, By the Goddess, blessed be, Activate by candlelight Travel fast and pure and bright, Straight into my my spell you go! By my will, I make it so!

By the end your energy should be high and joyous and buzzing. Release it with the final word by focusing on the item in the salt circle, the one that represents your magical goal, while relaxing, releasing, exhaling, all at once.

Sit quietly until you feel ready. Let the candles burn until they go out on their own. Do not leave them unattended.

I usually take the item representing my wish out and put it somewhere special. If it’s just a slip of paper, you can burn it there at the end, before the last candle goes out. Anything else I’ll tuck under my pillow or into my wish box or even in my purse if that seems like the best place.

Gather up the tin foil, wax, salt and all, and bury it as soon as you can get outside.


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