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How Vibration Creates Reality

This sounds like it’s going to be a long and complicated post, doesn’t it? I used to think so too, but it turns out the science behind the notion of vibration affecting the physical world can be understood very easily with some visual aids.

Starting Point

Now if you think about the physical world, you know from elementary science that everything is made of molecules, and that the way the atoms arrange themselves, the shapes they take, and the other atoms they bond with create these molecules.

Everything physical is about this structure.

What is 'Frequency?'

Sound travels in waves that move (that’s vibration.)  Frequency is very simply referring to how close together the waves’ undulations are. Frequency is also called a wavelength.

Different wavelengths produce different sounds. On the radio dial, different wavelengths carry different stations or channels. We can only hear the songs being played over the frequency that matches the one we’ve tuned in to on our dial.

See for Yourself!

Look what happens when a platter of sand is exposed to sound waves. And notice how different frequencies create different patterns in the sand.

And it’s not just sand. Sound waves produce changes and geometric patterns in water, in salt, and so on. Here’s an excellent experiment with sound waves’ effect on water droplets under a microscope. Skip ahead to about 1:25 where we get to the visual effect of sound waves on water. Listen to what Braden says from there on.

Now you get it. Different wavelengths, aka frequencies create different patterns in the physical world.

We Have a Frequency

We are constantly beaming waves. Everything about us has a wavelength or frequency; our thoughts, our mood, our beliefs. Those wavelengths, just like the sound waves in the videos, shape the patterns of our physical experience and every physical thing in it. Home. Job. Money. Health. Relationships. All of it.

We are the sound wave against the plate of sand. We are the frequency shaping the droplet of water, including our bodies (about 60% water) our brains and hearts (about 73% water,) and the surface of our planet (about 71% water.)

The sand particles and water droplets in the videos can represent every physical component that exists. Our frequency determines which grains and droplets go where and what shapes they form.

The waves we emit create our experience here on earth just like those sound waves in the video create the shapes on the platter.

We Control The Dial

The Hidden Messages in Water.

Most humans have trouble maintaining a consistently high vibration. We’re kind of all over the place, but all it takes to fix that is practice.

Our wavelength can also be influenced by outside forces, what we’re watching, who we’re with, what we’re listening to, etc. But we are also in complete control of that.

Once we know that we’re creating with every thought, feeling, action and belief, we can choose to be more careful about where we put our attention, and we can also begin adjusting our beliefs through a simple consistent practice.

Our Most Important 'Work'

We really have only one job–and that’s to raise our vibration to match the life we desire. To adjust our wavelength and tune our dial so that our waves are the same frequency as what we want.

Want joy? Focus on joyful things. Find joy hiding where you thought there wasn’t any. Do things that bring you joy. Stop repeating things that keep your joy away. Having a bad day? What thoughts are you stuck on? What’s replaying through your mind over and over? Is it joyful? If it’s not, then you can’t have joy.

If you focus on joyful things instead, you’ll get joy.

When you worry, worry, worry, you’re beaming a wavelength that matches worry. Worry will shape all the molecules in your existence, including those that make up your body, into the very things you’re worrying about. And a lot of other things that match their pattern. Wellness does not match the pattern of worry. You can’t shape your molecules into health and wellness if you’re beaming the worry vibe at them. They take other shapes, shapes of things that match worry.

But joy matches the pattern of a lot of other things too. Joy creates patterns of love, of fulfillment, of abundance, wellness and ease.

Moving Forward

So we just have to try not to make unpleasant things the focus of our days. I know I did some damage for the past week, being focused on my frustration over my internet being down. I was mad at the provider, and calling several times a day to try to make them fix it sooner than their estimated date, and noticing the absence of my internet so all I could bring myself was more of its absence. I was talking to everyone I met about it being down and how terrible it was. Even though deep down, I knew the only way to get it fixed any sooner was to let it go, and go do something fun to distract me back to joy.

I didn’t do that. I suffered, and only felt joy on the day of the repairman’s visit. We all screw up sometimes. I’m vibrating joy again now.

Truly the key to success is to be able to find joy even when something miserable is trying to get your attention. I’m usually much better at it than I was in this particular case.

If I’d spent my time on doing fun things, things I enjoy, playing, instead of complaining and making phone calls to tech support, I bet my internet would’ve been back on far sooner. And other great things would not have been blocked from manifesting.

Now go back and watch those videos again. Aren’t they amazing? And how about Gregg’s hair? 😉

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