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How We Create Our Lives (Magical Living, Post 2)


Returning the Magic to Your Life, I suggested you begin recognizing the magic in your life by paying attention to the signs in nature, the animals, the birds, the shapes in the clouds. And some asked, How do you know what’s a sign and what’s just an animal crossing your path? Coincidence?

First, understand, there’s no such thing as coincidence. Everything in your life is there for a reason. Things appear in your experience because something has brought them there. Something in your body, mind or spirit, has a matching vibration. Your vibration works like a magnet, and holds all the things that match its pull into your orbit. Once you realize that and begin to understand it, you can also begin to change your own resonance or frequency so that the things you’re not enjoying so much, stop clinging to you, and the things you wish you had more of, start replacing them in your life.