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How We Create Our Lives (Magical Living, Post 2)


Returning the Magic to Your Life, I suggested you begin recognizing the magic in your life by paying attention to the signs in nature, the animals, the birds, the shapes in the clouds. And some asked, How do you know what’s a sign and what’s just an animal crossing your path? Coincidence?

First, understand, there’s no such thing as coincidence. Everything in your life is there for a reason. Things appear in your experience because something has brought them there. Something in your body, mind or spirit, has a matching vibration. Your vibration works like a magnet, and holds all the things that match its pull into your orbit. Once you realize that and begin to understand it, you can also begin to change your own resonance or frequency so that the things you’re not enjoying so much, stop clinging to you, and the things you wish you had more of, start replacing them in your life.


Thoughts that you think often enough become beliefs. And what you believe on a very deep level, goes into your sub-conscious mind. And what goes into your sub-conscious, goes directly to the One Consciousness that is the Whole. The Source. The Creator. And the beliefs that enter the Creator, are then created…right here in the physical realm. So we don’t think and think and think on something and therefore make it appear. We have to BELIEVE.

In Wayne Dyer’s WISHES FULFILLED he talks about the Biblical name of God. When Moses asked God’s name so that he could tell the people who had sent him with the Commandments, God replied, “I AM that I AM. Tell them I AM has sent you.” Exodus 3:14) Wayne Dyer asserts that every time you say “I am….” you are invoking the power of the Creator. It’s an indirect connection. I believe there is a far deeper message, a far deeper reason the name of God was given as I Am, an entire lesson one can take from meditating on those two words. Why would the almighty creator of all things take the name I AM? Why would the Charge of the Goddess include the same words. I AM over and over again, in every known version? “I AM Eternal Maiden, I AM Great Mother. I AM the Old One who holds the immortal key. I AM shrouded in mystery, but I AM known to every soul….” (~The Charge of the Goddess, Doreen Valiente Version) Why would Jesus use the words, “Before Abraham was, I Am?” (John 8:58) Clearly there’s a message here.

I believe the words I AM are the name of Source because they are also the key to the power of creation. You say “I am sick.” Your mind hears it and sends the message to your body. Your body believes what your mind tells it, so it sends up symptoms to match your expectation. The symptoms prove to you that your statement was true, and that you really are sick. The subconscious absorbs the belief, and the Creative Source sends you more sickness.


When you say “I am healthy” you begin a chain reaction that will result in you being healthy. But simply saying it isn’t enough. You must believe it. You must feel it. Pay attention to every healthy thing in your body, blow it out of proportion, exaggarrate it, and watch it grow. The minute you set this into motion, you’ll begin to feel a little bit better. And that is the message you’ll send to your subconscious, which is a small part of the Whole Conscious, the One Consciousness, the Creator. And by doing so, you, the Divine You, the part of you that is One with God, creates the wellness you’re seeking.


This is the heart of magic, in truth. It’s what Wicca has been teaching all along.

Let’s keep try an experiment, shall we? From now on, try to practice never saying I AM followed by anything you do not want to be. Try saying I AM and adding the things you want to be. I AM healthy. I AM strong. I AM loved. I AM happy. I AM fulfilled. I AM prosperous. I AM living a life of bliss.


But to circle back around to my point, when you start noticing the things that are appearing in your experience, you can kind of gauge how you’re doing, what frequency you’re emitting. Sometimes just going by experiences isn’t as easy to read as looking at the signs turning up in nature, because experiences, the things in our daily lives, the problems and challenges, bring up emotions that cloud our vision. But just reading signs, observing them and exploring what they seem to indicate, can give you a more vivid and non-emotional insight so you can adjust your signal accordingly.

Next time, we’ll have more tips on returning the magic to your life. I hope you’ll follow this entire series.

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