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Imbolc Special Edition: Blessed Imbolc Brigantina

Blessed Imbolc, Creative Goddesses! This is not our regular Saturday post, because today is a very special day, the ancient Celtic Holy Day of Imbolg Brigantina. It is the exact mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. That means it’s an “In Between Time.” These halfway point Holy Days are known as the High Holy Days in the Craft of the Wise, because things that are in between are known to contain more power. Doorways are in between one room and another. Swamps are in between Earth and Water. Dawn and Dusk are in between day and night. Midnight is in between one day and the next. A Sacred Circle is in between the worlds.

Why am I posted about magic and Witchcraft on a Law of Attraction based blog? Because I know the secret no one else is talking about. Law of Attraction is nothing more than the basis of Witchcraft and Natural Magick turned inward.

In The Craft of the Wise, we create beautiful rites. We create sacred space, surround ourselves with items that match the vibration of our magickal goal, and perform rituals to raise energy and release it toward that goal. But what we are actually doing when we raise that energy, is raising our vibration. Having all the stones and crystals, colors and scents, herbs and oils around us that match the goal, are just props that help us tune to the right vibration, or if it’s easier to understand, to help us tune our radio to the right station; the station where the thing we want is playing. And that, my friends, is nothing more or less than applying LOA to attract what we desire.

So back to Imbolc.

This is a holiday held in honor of the Celtic Brighid, Goddess of the Forge and keeper of the creative fire; the original muse. The very same fire that burns in us when we write our stories, draw or paint or sculpt our art, build our lives and our businesses, is the fire She tends. And we all take our flame from a single source.

Imbolc, sometimes spelled Imbolg, also called Candlemas thanks to the Church, is the time of the quickening. If we are sensitive, we can feel the life deep inside the earth, stretching and yawning like a baby in her mother’s womb. This is the time of our own quickening, too. The stirring to life of deep desires, new ideas, seeds beginning to swell against their shells.

Life and inspiration are stirring. The creative fires are burning higher as we cross this sacred threshold, this in between time and place that spans life and death, winter and spring, sleeping and waking. The scales are tilting just slightly more the Sun’s way. Or as my husband put it, “It’s a quarter after winter.”

In Ireland, there is a convent of nuns that stands on the site of an ancient temple to Brighid. The nuns keep their fingernails painted red to this day, just as the priestesses of Brighid did before them. And there is an eternal flame on the site, not coincidentally.

So paint your nails red today and light candles in honor of Brighid, healer, wisdom woman, goddess of poets, keeper of the flame. And listen to the wisdom she whispers.

Blessed Imbolc. May the muse stoke your fires as never before!

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