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Immortality in 33 Years!

(Re-posted from my Thursday piece at the Storybroads Blog)

Newsflash! Within 33 years, we will all be able to upload our brains into a robotic “avatar” and live forever.

It’s a fascinating read. Scientists funded by a Russian billionaire (who’s not yet 50, like me, so he doesn’t know any better) are working on this project. Here’s a tiny excerpt that nutshells the stages of the plan.

2015 – 2020: A robotic copy of a human body remotely controlled by a brain-computer interface

2020 – 2025: An avatar is created into which a human brain can be transplanted at the end of life

2030 – 2035: An avatar that can now contain an artificial brain into which a human personality can be transferred at the end of life

2040 – 2045: A holographic avatar emerges

–Kevin Dovak, ABC News Science