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Immortality in 33 Years!

(Re-posted from my Thursday piece at the Storybroads Blog)

Newsflash! Within 33 years, we will all be able to upload our brains into a robotic “avatar” and live forever.

It’s a fascinating read. Scientists funded by a Russian billionaire (who’s not yet 50, like me, so he doesn’t know any better) are working on this project. Here’s a tiny excerpt that nutshells the stages of the plan.

2015 – 2020: A robotic copy of a human body remotely controlled by a brain-computer interface

2020 – 2025: An avatar is created into which a human brain can be transplanted at the end of life

2030 – 2035: An avatar that can now contain an artificial brain into which a human personality can be transferred at the end of life

2040 – 2045: A holographic avatar emerges

–Kevin Dovak, ABC News Science

Great plan, right? But the Russian billionaire and all his scientists are overlooking something that’s pretty obvious to me. It’s already been done.

We, the bigger WE, the huge big blob of…oh, let’s go with my cupcake batter analogy and make this simple. First, we’re a big bowl of batter known as spirit, only without the bowl.

It’s all one batch. Some people call it God or Source or The Whole. The batter turns its attention to becoming physical, and smaller, denser, more focused bits, and the batter pours itself into various shaped cupcake cups. Those cups are our bodies. Our “avatars.” They are created by us, to hold that which is our consciousness. (Consciousness originates not in the brain, but in the spirit that created the brain. But it’s a wider huger infinite sort of consciousness.

Human-ness allows spirit to narrow its focus to the perspective of one unique individual part of itself.) Each bit of batter, separated out from the rest, is slightly different. It has minuscule variations in the amounts of sugar, and flour and vanilla extract and cocoa powder, because no matter how much you blend, you can never get every single droplet to be the same as the next. Tiny variations. Like .0001% of a difference, but it’s enough to make each individual cupcake come out slightly different.

The thing is, each cupcake form or mold (body) is specifically created by and for that particular bit of spirit that will fill it. In fact, it’s more than that. The spirit doesn’t exactly fill the tin, it becomes it, THEN fills it. So the body we have in this lifetime is perfect in every way, a perfect reflection of the spirit riding around in it. It can’t be anything else. My crooked nose is the only nose that could have been formed by the spoonful of batter that is my Spirit. That uniqueness is one of the reasons The Whole wanted to become physical in the first place.

So, sorry Russian Billionaire. You wasted your money. We are already in our avatars. And they’re better than robots. They’re biological, like the ones James Cameron made, only, you know, not blue.

No, our amazing beautiful perfect for us bodies don’t last forever. But neither would the robots. Eventually, parts wear out. They would rust. Their warranty would expire. And the consciousness that was transferred into their mechanical brains would have to leave them behind, just like it does when our biological bodies wear out and we move on.

Where do we go? Back to the bowl of batter?

No, even better. Forward, into a new batch of batter that is being made better and better by all the ingredients we collected in our most recent physical journey. And there it gets remixed with all the other new ingredients brought forward by all the other consciousnesses who’ve left their avatar-bodies behind. So that by the time it (you, me, WE) decide to go pour itself/ourself out again, to be physical cupcake people again, it/we/The Whole are even better and wiser and older than before. We come into the next life with more knowledge, more experience, more understanding from all parts of the Whole.

And that’s evolution. It’s the expansion of the Universe. It’s why that expansion is speeding up instead of slowing down. It’s why death is so scary, because we’re going forward, not backward, into a future that hasn’t yet been created, a future we are actually creating by the act of moving into it.

And yes, I got all of that from seeing that article, and mainly, from writing the Portal Series. These books took me to a deep exploration of what it really means to be human. They’re my deepest, most important projects to date.

MARK OF THE WITCH goes on sale September 18th in print, October 1st in ebook.

Here are the links for the freebie:



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