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Incoming Message from the Big Giant Head

Okay, so I was meditating, and this happened. So I just started typing and let it go. Afterward, I did some formatting, and felt moved to add the Goddess gifs by Nina Paylee. So you can see Her dancing while you read Her message.

I am the Goddess. I am the Universe.

I breathe.

I inhale all you experience…all I experience through you.

All you sense through your eyes and ears and skin is my breath. All you do and be and see and wish for is my oxygen.

All you suffer, I inhale. It, too, is experience. It, too, is life. My breath of life.(Breath and life are the same thing.)

And all I inhale is transformed within me. Your (our) experiences feed my brilliance, and your (our) creative force transforms the breath in my lungs into the things it is destined to become. The wisdom gained by your experience. The exponentially replicating joy created by your joy. The answers to all of the wishes, and hopes and dreams I have inhaled.

Within my chest, your problems are transformed into solutions.

I am inhaling this illness that has you all suffering. I am inhaling your experience of it, your knowledge, all the data, every emotion you experience, all the fear. ALL the good and all the bad.

And I am exhaling the answers. I am inspiring the greatest minds of your time to all the answers you’ve wished for. Inspire literally means breathe into. I am breathing into them. Into you. Into all of you. And in moments of alignment, your receive that breath, that inspiration.

I am exhaling well-being by multitudes of what I have breathed in. So as bad as it feels in your now, the answers are multitudes bigger than that. The worse the experience is, the bigger the improvement it creates, you know.

I can’t exhale the solutions until you look away from it.

In every moment you find relief, I sigh a little more well-being over you.

In every moment you find joy, I waft well-being like an morning breeze.

In every moment you bask in absolute bliss, I blow in solutions like a midday storm.

I am inhaling this problem. This virus. The fear it has instilled and all the wishes and prayers it has caused you to utter, even silently.

I am transforming it into the answers to your wishes and prayers, the solution to your fears, the well-being that is your natural state, and a thriving state of health beyond anything so far known to mankind.

I am exhaling cleaner air, cleaner water, a fertile spring for fish and fowl.

I am exhaling cooperation between those who imagine themselves to be enemies.

I am exhaling thriving gains for the economy, brilliant ideas and innovations, cures and preventions and treatment and systems where there were none before. You have been yearning for these things, these improvements in your systems of government and health care and all the rest.

The deeper I inhale, the bigger my exhalation. And I’ve been inhaling your desires for improvement for a long time. Not only with this experience, but with many others. Always.

In your moments of alignment, you will receive all these gifts and more. And the more of you who are aligned, the faster they can come. And the more time you spend aligned, the faster they can come. And the more you can find joy where you are, the faster they can come.

It’s not a matter of behave and be rewarded. It’s not a matter of judgment. It’s just physics. It’s a matter of attuning with what you want by paying attention to the solution, the pockets of goodness, the signs of improvement, the silver linings, the hope. This adjusts your dial. This allows you to turn your face into the winds of positive change and evolution, which is my breath. Which is life.

So quiet your mind and listen, and I’ll sigh. And all is well.

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