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Inspiring Vegan Women

Happy Women’s History Month! I’m not sure how I got through most of March without posting about the strong, amazing, vegan woman who have influenced me. These inspiring figures keep me motivated every day to keep living the kindest life I can.

1. Angela Davis: I first learned about Angela Davis through her civil rights and human rights activism. For decades she has fearlessly fought for equality, despite being falsely imprisoned and even put on the FBI most wanted list. Davis has been a strong advocate for social justice and explored the connection between human rights and animal rights. She is one of my all-time heroes.

2. Kat Von D: This superstar, animal rights activist, and vegan got her start as a tattoo artist on LA Ink. She has used her platform to promote veganism and animal rights in her trademark, edgy and unapologetic way. When called out on social media for having a baby, some critics accused her of “undoing” her veganism by having a child which would increase her carbon footprint. She clapped back with such ballsy badassery, it made me love her even more.

3. Dr. Breeze Harper: This amazing, educated, woman has researched extensively on race and gender equality, food ethics, and sustainability and combined all her impressive areas of expertise to create the anthology: “Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak Out On Food, Health, and Society.” Working in health care, I see the real medical consequences of the health disparities in our society and Harper’s work shines a light on that. It is massively important. Go read it!

4. Katie Louise Powell: This young and extraordinarily talented visual artist not only creates stunning work, but the influence of her vegan lifestyle can often be seen in her illustrations. She advocates for LGBTQ rights as well as animal rights and is involved with something called "hunt sabotage" which sounds rad to me. Her art is dope. Her makeup is dope. What more can I say?

5. Last but certainly not least is my own dear mama Mags, AKA Maggie Shayne: Feminist? Check. Sex positive? Check her novels if you don't believe me. Environmentalist? All the way. She's all these things AND is my ride or die partner on this plant-based journey. We cook together, laugh together, and create together.

My greatest hope is that this post will inspire you to take note of the powerful women who've inspired your journey from near or far and allow them to continue inspiring you to greatness. We all have #goals, after all!


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