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It Began With a Pizza

My Pizza Story

I went to get a pizza a couple of weeks ago. We have the best pizza place in my town, Magro’s, and it’s only 15 minutes from my driveway, so I go there a lot.

On this occasion, the young woman behind the counter brought my box out and opened it to show it to me for my approval. They usually do, but just this once, I found it funny, and asked, “Has anyone ever looked at their pizza and said, ‘Absolutely unacceptable! This pizza is all wrong! It’s oval for heaven’s sake!'”

And she laughed, her co-workers laughed, and I laughed. I love getting a laugh. Stand up comic is my third backup career, after rock star. But that’s not important right now.

We all laughed, I took my pizza and headed home.

One week later...

Maybe less than a week later. We tend to eat a lot of Magro’s pizza around here. Usually chicken wing, but occasionally, Hawaiian.

Anyway, it was the very next time I went there. I had grandkids visiting, so I’d ordered two pizzas. A big cheesy one for the kids, and a medium chicken wing for Lance and I.

I got there and one server pulled down the two pizza boxes from the warming area, and frowned at a co-worker. “Are these both large? I thought one was medium.”

And the co-worker says, “One is a medium. But I had to use a large box because…”

Wait for it…

“…because it came out oval.”

I just about died laughing. And in between laughter, I tried to remind them about the conversation about oval pizza the week before, and how cool it was that I now was getting an oval pizza. They smiled politely, but looked as if they were wondering whether I was a dangerous crazy person, or just a happy one.

It meant something

It always means something. It means something when you’re thinking about someone just as the phone rings, and it’s them. It means something when you’re humming a song three seconds before it comes on your radio. It means something when you mention an oval pizza as a joke, and get an actual oval pizza a week later.

These are not coincidences. This is our Higher Power giving us delightful, playful reminders that what we believe is true. That life is being created by us, for us, as we go along.

And it’s just that easy too. Mention an oval pizza. Get an oval pizza. Because I have no resistance to an oval pizza. I have no inner voice saying, Don’t even get your hopes up about that oval pizza. You’ll never get one. Oval pizzas are rare, you know. I have no desperate needy inner self saying, If I don’t get that oval pizza this time I’ll just DIE. I’ve been wanting one for TEN FREAKING YEARS and still no oval pizza! When is it my turn? Oh the humanity!

No resistance. A happy-go-lucky attitude. A really good day. Perfectly content even though I had no oval pizza. And bam! Oval pizza manifests.

Now about that indoor, year round, covered swimming pool….

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