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It’s All in How you Focus (Magical Living Post 3)


Life is exactly like this picture, if you multiplied it by infinity. Everything that happens to you can be looked at from a million million different perspectives, the ends of the spectrum being, “Nothing ever goes right for me!” and “I am constantly being guided by my Source to move in the direction of what I truly desire. So I am absolutely sure this happened for a reason.” That is nothing more than a shift in the way you choose to look at the situation.


Every challenge in life is an opportunity to get excited about the answer. Every perceived problem is an invitation for you to open up to receiving the solution. The entire experience is supposed to be a chance for growth, for new wisdom, understanding and grace, and for finding new sources of joy. We are not supposed to writhe in misery when bad things happen. We’re supposed to look at them, adjust our vibration, and move in the direction of the resolution. After all, every “disaster” in our life is nothing more than an indication that our vibration needs adjusting. That we’re focusing on the wrong areas. That we aren’t experiencing enough joy.

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This is why when I see an animal that seems to be trying to get my attention, I watch with care. Then I meditate on what animal and its actions mean to me. And then I go look up the symbolism of that animal in books, and then I meditate for a few minutes on what in my life right now, matches that. When I see anything in my experience that repeats over and over, a phrase, a new bit of wisdom, a song, a certain flower, or behavior on the part of others around me, I have to stop and look at what it means, and what it matches in my own thoughts and actions. What’s going on in my life that is attracting this particular thing?


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