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It’s Magick Season!

It’s nearly Halloween! And the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. That means (among other things) that magick is easier to perform now than at any other time. What better time to try your hand at a spell or two? There’s a little Witch in every woman, after all.

Here’s one you can try on for size. Magick is easy, all you have to do is relax, and believe!

Maggie’s Money Magnet 1 magnet, any shape, but little, like 2″ or so. 1 crisp new dollar bill 1 green candle, any shape Step 1: Sit in a quiet room, eyes closed, all your items ready, and take a deep deep breath. Hold for a second or two, and then blow it out, all the way. Then do it again. And then do it for a third time. Step 2: Open your eyes. Feel that? Good. Now take the candle into your hands and hold it between them. Think about all the things you’re going to do when the money arrives. Say them outloud. “I’ll buy a new car. That cute red one I was looking at. I can’t wait. I’ll pay off all my bills. It’s going to feel so great to have that weight off my shoulders. I’ll buy that dress I want to wear to the party, and feel like a princess wearing it.” As you do this, be sure not to focus on not having enough, or on not being able to afford anything. Dream big, and speak and think as if there is no doubt the money is coming. Feel the giddy joy you will feel when you’re actually spending it. See yourself doing it. Now set the candle down and light it. Know that all that energy you put there is beaming out with the light of its flame. Take up your magnet, hold it in your hands, and say: I am made of energy, Money is just energy, Energy calls energy I call money straight to me, I’m a magnet, so art thee, Money magnet, just like me. Now wrap the dollar bill around the magnet, folding it carefully, tucking loose folds into themselves to keep it there. Wave it over the flame without pausing long enough to burn the paper, to charge it with the vibrant power of fire. Hold it in your palm again, visualizing it sucking money energy to you in droves that will make your head spin. Then say: Good will to all, and harm to none, and by my word, my will be done. So mote it be. Extinguish the candle, and place it in a special in the Northern section of your home. Put the money magnet into your wallet or purse and forget about it. Each morning, light the money candle, and as you watch its dancing flame, give thanks for all the things you have in your life that make you feel blessed and abundant. Do not ask for more, just spend this time really basking in and appreciating what you have. And most importantly, begin looking for signs that show you your money spell is working, and take note of every one you see, no matter how small, even it’s just finding a nickel on the sidewalk. Write these signs down in a special journal, and review them during your mornings with the money candle.

If you like this spell, you can find more like it in time for Halloween in WITCH MOON for Kindle or Nook. It’s a great Halloween story with a bonus collection of spells & rituals included! more. Enjoy!

Witch Moon: Kindle Witch Moon: Nook Witch Moon: Smashwords

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