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Let Spirit Live Through You

The reason we are here in this life is so that Spirit can live through us. And when I say Spirit, I mean Source. God. Goddess. That energy that dwells within and without all of creation, from which we emerge and to which we return.

Everything that is physical was created by the imagination of Spirit. Spirit, the single consciousness, the one and only consciousness, imagined itself having form, and the big bang happened, and the particles collected Spirit, living in the form of the particles said, “I want to be bigger,” and planets were formed. Spirit dwelled within the gasses of space and said, “I want to shine,” and stars were born. Spirit, dwelling within the single celled organism said, “I want to be more complex,” and life began to adapt and change. And each part of creation yearned for something more, and the Spirit indwelling imagined and became more.

And now here we are, modern man, and we think we’re separate. We try to live our lives, to make the things we dream of happen through the things we do. We sweat over how to pay our bills and worry about not having enough money. We stress and push our careers forward, running ourselves ragged to make things happen. We complain about what is while wishing for something more and being sure it can never happen.

But that’s not what we were put here to do. Trees exist because Spirit imagined itself as a tree, and became a tree, and now is enjoying treeness. Dogs exist because God imagined Himself as a Dog, and is now enjoying being a dog. Oceans exist because Goddess imagined Herself as an ocean and became an ocean and is now basking in the sensations of being an Ocean. You exist because Source Energy, God, Goddess, imagined It/His/Herself as YOU, and IS you, right now, riding along in your body like a passenger in a car, so that It/He/She can blissfully enjoy the experience of being you.

Sit and mull on that for a bit. In comfort, in silence, feel yourself falling backward, away from the person you think is you, and into the real You, the Source-God-Goddess You. As you do you’ll feel yourself grow bigger. You’ll feel yourself huge, and meld into the One watching the smaller you sitting there in meditation.

We do a disservice to our Higher Self, our Source, when we struggle and strain and strive and worry. Our Higher Self wants to live through us. It wants to take the scenic route, to guide us through all of the wonderful experiences It had on Its itinerary when It entered us with our first breath. But we insist on taking the wheel. And so Spirit sits in the passenger seat, quietly whispering “Turn left. Turn right. Turn around. Beautiful things are this way.” While we refuse to hear, rack our brain to make our own plan, and steer ourselves uphill, low on gas, going too fast to see the view, and then wonder why we never reach those destinations we had so hoped for.