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Let Spirit Live Through You

The reason we are here in this life is so that Spirit can live through us. And when I say Spirit, I mean Source. God. Goddess. That energy that dwells within and without all of creation, from which we emerge and to which we return.

Everything that is physical was created by the imagination of Spirit. Spirit, the single consciousness, the one and only consciousness, imagined itself having form, and the big bang happened, and the particles collected Spirit, living in the form of the particles said, “I want to be bigger,” and planets were formed. Spirit dwelled within the gasses of space and said, “I want to shine,” and stars were born. Spirit, dwelling within the single celled organism said, “I want to be more complex,” and life began to adapt and change. And each part of creation yearned for something more, and the Spirit indwelling imagined and became more.

And now here we are, modern man, and we think we’re separate. We try to live our lives, to make the things we dream of happen through the things we do. We sweat over how to pay our bills and worry about not having enough money. We stress and push our careers forward, running ourselves ragged to make things happen. We complain about what is while wishing for something more and being sure it can never happen.

But that’s not what we were put here to do. Trees exist because Spirit imagined itself as a tree, and became a tree, and now is enjoying treeness. Dogs exist because God imagined Himself as a Dog, and is now enjoying being a dog. Oceans exist because Goddess imagined Herself as an ocean and became an ocean and is now basking in the sensations of being an Ocean. You exist because Source Energy, God, Goddess, imagined It/His/Herself as YOU, and IS you, right now, riding along in your body like a passenger in a car, so that It/He/She can blissfully enjoy the experience of being you.

Sit and mull on that for a bit. In comfort, in silence, feel yourself falling backward, away from the person you think is you, and into the real You, the Source-God-Goddess You. As you do you’ll feel yourself grow bigger. You’ll feel yourself huge, and meld into the One watching the smaller you sitting there in meditation.

We do a disservice to our Higher Self, our Source, when we struggle and strain and strive and worry. Our Higher Self wants to live through us. It wants to take the scenic route, to guide us through all of the wonderful experiences It had on Its itinerary when It entered us with our first breath. But we insist on taking the wheel. And so Spirit sits in the passenger seat, quietly whispering “Turn left. Turn right. Turn around. Beautiful things are this way.” While we refuse to hear, rack our brain to make our own plan, and steer ourselves uphill, low on gas, going too fast to see the view, and then wonder why we never reach those destinations we had so hoped for.

So let’s try this for a little while, just to see. Let’s let go of the steering wheel. Let’s let the gentle whisper of Spirit take over our route guidance.

Instead of trying to live our lives according to our plans and intentions, forcing things to be the way we think they should be, why not try allowing Spirit to live through us. Let’s dare to be as Spirit and to imagine our own wonderful experiences, and then relax and let them become.

“Prayer is how we speak to God. Meditation is how we hear God’s answer.” ~Deepak Choprah

Surrender is also key to allowing Spirit to drive our vehicle through life. By letting go of the need to control each step and saying, “All right, Goddess, I give up. You drive,” we can create a major shift in the way our lives play out. Instead of struggling and straining for what we think we’re supposed to be doing to make the things we want come to us, we can relax, and let Spirit lead us in the direction where those things are waiting.

This doesn’t mean we stop doing. We’re here to live life, not sit in meditation and wait for it to appear. It means we stop conniving and strategizing and planning and forcing. It means we relax and attune to Spirit, and see the things that are put in front of us and hear the songs that are being sung to us by the music of the Universe. If we can let go of our scheming and relax for a moment, we will begin to see the path open up before us. That is the time for us to move in that direction, the direction Spirit is illuminating. This is called Inspiration. We can recognize it by the way it feels. It feels like the sensation of a brilliant idea just flashing into our awareness. It will feel Good. Great. Irresistible. Ingenius! That’s the time to take action. That’s action being inspired (which means in spirit) by our Source.

“If it’s not a hell, yes! Then it’s a hell, no.” ~Abraham

Trust, Faith is another of the keys.

We can’t surrender and hand the steering wheel over, if we don’t have complete trust in the driving skills of our co-pilot. If we don’t trust Spirit completely, we sit in our passenger seat clutching the arm rest, stomping imaginary brake pedals, and screaming course corrections. We make horrible back-seat drivers. If we’re doing that, we’re not really letting Spirit take control at all. We might think we are, but we’re not. We’re grabbing the wheel like we do when teaching our teenagers to drive. We have to remember that in this case, we’re the teenagers. Spirit has been driving for millennia. Forever, even.

In my meditation this morning, I heard Spirit’s gentle assurance. “I’ve got this, little one. You just go do the work you feel inspired to do. I’ll handle the rest.” And I realized that, even still, I often grip the wheel and jerk it in the direction I feel is right. All too often forget that I don’t need to be in constant control, trying to micromanage every aspect of my life. I still try to think ahead to how this or that problem can be solved, and start worrying about whether things will work out the way I think they must in order for the solution I’ve invented in my head to work. I forget that it’s already solved. That all I have to do is let go of the problem and listen to Spirit to see the solution. It’s already done, I’m just looking in the wrong direction. Spirit will guide me to turn my head and focus my eyes and see for myself that the solution is already here. It’s done. The minute I adjust my vision to see it, it becomes.

If you are ever in doubt as to whether what you are doing, the actions you are taking, are the ones Spirit wants you to take or not, all you have to do is stop, and feel your feelings. Is this action you’re taking or considering taking, making you feel good, or is it making you feel bad? Does it fill you with the excited anticipation of a child on Christmas Eve? Or is it giving you a stomach ache? Does it feel like a hell, yes, or a hell no? If it’s somewhere in between, you’re probably doing it out of guilt or a sense of obligation which are fear-based emotions.

There are only two true emotions. Love and Fear. Everyting you do and every choice you make, is either being made from a place of love or made from a place of fear. Fear of disapproval, fear of what others think, fear of being unloved, fear of losing what you have, fear of success even.

Think from that angle to make your decisions. Or just go quiet and listen and Spirit will make them for you.

So to summarize: Meditate to hear the guidance of Spirit.

Stop strategizing, look for the guidance of Spirit in the form of inspiration, and then take action.

You’ll be surprised how fast spirit will stack things up right in front of you when you adjust your focus. People, ideas and resources will appear like magic.

Have complete faith and belief that Spirit has things well in hand. It’s already done.

Make all decisions from a place of love, never from a place of fear.

In these ways, you can stop trying to hard to live your life, and instead, allow Spirit to live through you.

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