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Letter to Santa Ritual

I’m reposting this from December 2012 My Annual Letter to Santa

Every year I write a letter to Santa Claus, and in it, I include all my hopes, goals and wishes for the entire coming year. It’s kind of a combination New Year’s Resolution-Dear Santa Letter-Spell of Manifestation. It’s a ritual I hold dear. I write two versions of this letter. One, the version I often share with you here, another one, for my (and Santa’s) eyes only. There are always a few personal things in my version that I don’t feel compelled to tell the world about. But the two are mostly identical.

In my letter, I don’t hold back. I talk freely about everything my heart desires, and I don’t dream small. This is the time to dream as big as I can imagine. I leave the letter out with the traditional offering of cookies and milk, both on the Winter Solstice, and on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, I crumble the cookies and toss them outside for the birds, I pour the milk to the earth, and I burn the letter in the fireplace (releasing the energy in the smoke, and also, to keep me from digging it out and taking score. One of the core tenets of magic is letting it go once its done.) This year, I think I might add a night to my rite, though. I’ll leave my letter and offering out a third time on New Year’s Eve and burn it on New Year’s Day.

And every year, many of the things in my letter do come into my life. Which makes me very happy. Join me if you want. I’m sharing early enough so you have time.