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Light Wins!

Today is the vernal equinox of 2020, and the first official day of spring in the northern hemisphere. The energy of the holiday focuses on nature’s annual reminder that life is eternal. Even after a long period of darkness and apparent death, the sun grows strong again, melts the snow, calls forth the life from underground. Everything is reborn. Everything is growing and thriving, just like before the snow.

As above, so below

When we see a pattern in any part of nature, we can expect that pattern to repeat throughout all of nature. If there’s life after winter, then there’s life after death. If there’s rebirth in the spring, then every birth is a reincarnation. If quantum entanglement is real, (and it is) then we are all interconnected, all the time.

We need now more than ever to recognize and internalize that simple truth. Dark times never last very long. The light always returns.

Look to nature

Look outside. GO outside. Walk. Sit. Meditate. Bird-watch. Take pictures. Notice every sign of new life around you in nature, everywhere you look. Bask in LIFE. And hear the voice of the Universe telling you through each of them, “It’s going to be okay. Everything is really fine. Life is all around you. Life and love and well being are everywhere in the Universe. Just look at them. Just bask in them.

Life wins!

  1. Containers

  2. Soil

  3. Water

  4. Seeds

Always. Every single time. Spring tells us this over and over in myriad ways. Life wins, even over what we call death. Because life doesn’t stop. It waxes. It wanes. It twists and it turns. But it’s endless and eternal, ever evolving, ever expanding.

Everything experience makes us more than we were before. This will too.

Spring ritual: Bless the seeds!

Take several small containers. This is a great re-use for those k-cups you’ve rinsed out and can’t recycle, or even Solo cups, depending on what you’re planting.

Add dirt to each container.

Add water to each container so the dirt is nice and moist.

Take a few your seeds in your palm, and press your other palm down on top of them. Close your eyes, and feel the energy between your palms. It will warm and pulse or tingle.


“You are but a seed to start,

Tiny kernel full of heart,

First you’ll split and then you’ll sprout

A tiny newborn leaf comes out

Stretch and grow and find your way,

Through rich, dark soil to light of day

A thriving plant with fruits we need,

And deep within, another seed.”

As you say it, see it all happening. And feel how we’re just like the plant.

Now, as you plant each seed in its cup, make a wish. It can be anything you want. Some make the same wish over and over. Some make a different wish on each seed. Do it however you wish.

As you bury the seed in soil, not too deep, say, “As this plant grows, so does my ___. So mote it be.”

Blessed Ostara!

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