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LOA 101

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction, LOA for short, is a real force, much like gravity. It’s not a belief or a religion or a fun bit of folklore. It’s the spiritual physics of why things work the way they do. And in short it means that we “attract” the people and experiences of our lives to us. No one asserts them upon us. We aren’t being rewarded or punished. We aren’t cursed or blessed. We aren’t being kept down by others. And our lives are not random.

People having tough times get mad when they hear that. People having great times feel proud. There’s no reason to feel either of those things. Most of us have spent a lifetime creating our lives by accident, because we didn’t know that’s what we were doing. Nobody is to blame for this. Blame is wasted energy, and kind of meaningless.

What I hope folks feel when hearing this news is empowered. If we understand how the Law of Attraction Works, we can begin to evolve our lives into exactly what we want them to be. That should feel GREAT!

Natural Magic

I’ve been studying and teaching natural magic and Wicca for 25 years, a few years longer than I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction. Natural magic is the art of holding your focus upon a magical goal long enough to help it manifest. In magic, we choose herbs, oils, colors, numbers, gemstones and all sorts of other things, to use in our spells, charms and potions. The items we choose must have a matching “vibration” to our magical goal.

When I began studying Law of Attraction, I saw that it, too, talks about vibration. And it, too, teaches that “like attracts like.” If you want something you have to first match its energy. You have to match its vibration.

And I realized in a flash of purple smoke and eco-friendly glitter that magic is just a ritualized way of adding oomph to whatever it is you are attracting to you through the all powerful Law of Attraction. Magic RUNS on LOA. Everything does.

What is vibration?

It’s your signal. It’s the wavelength of the energy you are constantly transmitting. We all beam it all the time. We’re like a TV in that we both send and receive a signal. We receive whatever signal we have tuned in, and we beam that out to our audience. In this scenario, we are also the audience. Our lives are the screen on which the stories we create, play out. The formula with a TV is very simple. Turn the channel to the one you want to watch, and you will see what’s playing there.

Life is exactly the same. You have to tune in what you want.

In life, we choose our channel with our thoughts and our focus – all of which make up our vibration. When we spend time focused on things we don’t want, things that piss us off, things that are inconvenient or troubling or sad or infuriating – we are selecting our channel. And the only shows playing on that channel are things that piss us off, are inconvenient, troubling, sad, or infuriating.

If, on the other hand, we spend our time focused on things that feel good, things that make us smile, and feel happy, things we enjoy – then we’re choosing the channel that plays more of those things. We’re transmitting a signal that attunes us to what we want, and want we want is tuned in, and begins “playing” in our movie–our reality.

When we adjust our vibrational wavelength to match the good stuff, the good stuff plays out all around us.

Baby steps and basking

You achieve this by choosing what you’re paying attention to. Look at what you are talking about with your friends and family, with your loops and groups, on your social media. What you’re most focused on is easy to figure out if you just browse your last few weeks of posts. Is it something that you feel good about, or something that you feel bad about? Is thinking about that topic lifting you up, or keeping you down?

Remember, what you focus on stays with you. Focusing on what you don’t want keeps it glued to you, and makes it grow bigger.

So just gently adjust the balance. Pay more and more attention to things that are uplifting to you. Spend more and more time doing things that feed your soul. And when you notice something particularly good, stop whatever you’re doing and just bask in it for a minute or two. Appreciate it, love it, and the next thing you know, it and things like it will grow and multiply and stick to you like glue.

Your powerful connection

We are so much more than most of us think we are. The part of us contained within our bodies is a tiny piece of what we truly are. The Whole of us is much greater, much bigger, and mostly still not-physical. That part of us is what some call our Soul, and I call our Higher Self.

It’s also linked to everyone else’s Soul or Higher Self, in a great big ball of pure positive energy that some call God, and science calls consciousness itself.

Since we are a part of that divine consciousness, a part of God, Goddesss, Source, the Whole, The Universe, whatever term you like, we too need only think of a thing to have it become. Everything in existence began as a thought. An idea. A preference. We just have to then get our heads out of the world where what we want did not exist, and into the world where it does. And we do that by being choosy with our attention and focus.

It’s already done. It’s made. It’s there. We just need to tune in to it. We just need to tune in the channel where it’s playing.

Plugging in

We are never disconnected from the higher part of us, but we can forget that, and we can block the signal with all our self-created static. Signal blocking static comes from things like, when you wish for something and then immediately think it’s impossible. It’ll never happen to someone like me. I don’t deserve it. I’m not smart enough. I’m no good at that. I’m unlucky. People like me don’t do/be/have things like that. It’ll never happen. Static also comes from complaining, whining, griping, bitching, and pushing against things you don’t want. ANY attention to anything you don’t like is static.

To clear the static thoroughly all at once, just plug in to that great big internet in the sky (not really in the sky) and download the latest updates. You do that every time you meditate. And meditation is way easier than people make it.

How to Meditate

  1. Do it first thing in the morning if you can.

  2. Get comfy.

  3. Set a timer for 15 minutes

  4. Find some white noise to focus on. (Get a white noise app for your phone, loudly ticking clock, a fountain. Anything.)

  5. Close your eyes

  6. Breathe nice and slow, in and out while focused on the sound.

Thoughts will start cluttering up your mind, but that’s okay. Just as soon as you notice them, gently shift your attention back to the white noise.

This will happen over and over and over again. You’ll get a minute or two of true quiet during your 15 minute meditation, but it gets easier the more you do it.

After meditation, even after your mind feels truly quiet, pay attention to the thoughts that come next. Sometimes you are receiving them from your Higher Self. Those are thoughts to pay attention to. Hint: If they aren’t positive, they aren’t coming from Source.

Bad things aren't bad

So here’s how it all works on a practical level. You come into this world, and you experience physical life and as you do, you find things you like and things you don’t like. We label the things we don’t like “bad,” but they come for a reason. When you see things you don’t like, you can’t help but imagine what would be a better option. You can’t have a cold without wishing to feel healthy and well. As soon as those preferences are born in you, your Higher Self creates the better option. Your only job is to tune it into being. You do that by believing in it, expecting it, looking for it, and maintaining as high a vibration as you can manage by being as happy as you can right where you are, snot and all. Then you get better, and when you have tuned in wellness, you’re at a higher level of well-being than you were before the cold.

That’s it in a nutshell! If you have questions (or suggestions for blog post topics, pretty please?) leave them in comments!



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