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LOA and Anger Management

What if I'm really pissed off?

I read the above quote, and since I was, at that moment, feeling very upset with some people who’ve been misbehaving. This is a rare thing. Not people misbehaving, that’s not rare.  But me, letting it get to me, is extremely rare. I mean not even once a year rare. So this felt like a big fat hairy deal to me. I had been wronged, dammit. And as soon as I saw that quote, I thought, “Yeah! I should show them this!”

And then the Voice of my Higher Self said, loud and clear, “No. You should show yourself this. It’s not about anyone but you. It never is.”

This truth is vital for us to really absorb and understand. No matter who is doing what–to me, to each other, to the country, to the planet–I still have to choose it in order to experience it.

I get to choose to dwell on it, think about it, talk about it, try to fix it, cry about it, or I get to choose to let it go.

But how?

We must catch ourselves when emotions start to overtake us, and we get angry or feel hurt or disappointed due, we tell ourselves, to the actions of others. We must remember that the more attention we give anything, the bigger it will become, and the longer it will stay.

The quicker we can stop thinking about it, the quicker it vanishes from our experience.

So when we start to get upset, we must fill our minds with something else. Do the things that feel the very best to us, eat our favorite things, watch our favorite things, listen to our favorite things, indulge in our favorite things, build something, create something, enjoy something.

And every time I take a break from my immersion in bliss, I look around me, and notice how good it is, how happy I am, how pleasureful my life is, and I feel pure appreciation of it and I bask in it for a while. And then I dive back in to my blissful activity, whatever it was.

When we do this, we tune our vibrational radio dial right back up to Channel Blissful 99.9  FM. And all you can get on this channel, is bliss. 

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