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LOA Doesn’t Mean Every Man for Himself

There is an entire contingent of Law of Attraction followers who interpret “you create your own reality” as “every man for himself.” I’ve been meditating on this a lot lately, given world events, and I’ve received some insight from Source.

First, though, let me say, I love my friends who see this differently, and I love them unconditionally. That’s that. Nobody has to agree with me to be loved by me. (Although, it is way easier to love them when they do.)

Let's look at the argument

I get where some are coming from. We each experience life according to our focus, our most deeply seeded beliefs, and our expectations. And since we all have control over what we focus on, believe in and expect, we all have the power within us to change everything by changing our thoughts.

But I like to go deeper, and think about how hard it must be to stop believing in war while bombs are raining down on your village. Or to stop focusing on hate after your parents are gunned down at your baby sister’s funeral. Or to stop living in violence when your people have been at war for generations.

We have to cut each other a little slack. It’s hard to change beliefs that are generations old. Not impossible. Just hard.

Law of Attraction and the Rule of 3

There’s only one “law” in Wicca, and it’s the Rule of Three. “Three times what thou giveth, returns unto thee.”

This law is a restating of the Law of Attraction. What you give, is what you get. What you put out, is what you attract. What you offer is what you receive. It’s just another way of stating that you can only see the TV show that’s airing on the station you’re watching. If you want to change reality, you have to change the channel.

And yeah, that says something about people who are experiencing violence and lack. It says they can change their channel and change their lives.

But what does it say about those who have the ability to lend a hand, but instead, choose not to?

We have to remember that our action or inaction is creating OUR reality. We are getting back exactly what we give. If we give indifference, that’s what we’re going to experience in our own lives. If we give a don’t care attitude, then who’s going to care about us? If we give kindness and generosity, then that’s what we will experience.

And more importantly, that’s the kind of world we are helping to create!

What's love got to do with it?

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. But love is not discriminatory. You either love everyone, or you love no one. You can’t pick and choose. To be aligned with your Source you must BE love. You must LIVE love. You must CHOOSE love over everything else.

Your love can shine from you onto all creation, and when it does, all creation beams that light and love right back at you. That’s godlike. That’s being one with Source.

Love lends a hand where it can. Love can bring relief to the suffering. And with just a little bit of relief, those ones can see another way. They can see hope, where there was only despair. And once they’ve glimpsed it, they can latch on, and shift their focus and change theirs lives more easily.

We can help them get there, with just the smallest offering of love.

So why wouldn’t we?

What about that whole butterfly analogy?

The butterfly has to break through its cocoon on its own. If you break the cocoon for her, her wings will not be strong enough to allow her to fly.

That’s a very good analogy. But if you see a rock about to crash-land on top of the cocoon and you quickly move it out of harm’s way, you have not deprived the butterfly of building its wing strength. You’ve just given it an opportunity to survive long enough to develop it.

Every struggle makes us stronger, this is true. We move from the problem to the solution and we are better for it, and the Whole has expanded because of it.

So who is expanding the Universe more than those who are experiencing huge contrast in their lives?

And wouldn’t those ones, who are in the midst of trouble, be a little bit more able to shift their focus to good things if there were a few good things around to focus on? I know that’s conditional, but it’s a start.

No, we can’t change anyone’s life for them. Unless their vibration changes, it would not help anyway. But we can offer glimpses of light. We can offer compassion, understanding, and comfort. We can vibrate as one with Source, and reach out to our fellow beings as Source does, and help them to see and experience their own connection. We can give them hope, and that’s often all it takes.

You can’t seek what you don’t know exists. So we become a mirror for Source, and we shine on them, so they can see what’s real.

We're all in this together

We are one consciousness, experiencing physical life through many individual perspectives. And because we are one consciousness, one being, what’s happening to one is happening to all, because it’s happening to the Whole.

Look, we’re going to get the growth either way. Those suffering are going to get the growth, it’s inevitable. So maybe my friends are right, and it won’t matter in the long run.

But it matters in the short term. It matters in the moment we are living, and it matters in the moment every other person is living. And this moment, right here, is all that we really ever have. All our power is now. So why not make now the best it can possibly be, for as many as we possibly can?

And then there's our inner GPS

When we give, when we share, when we lend a hand, a warm and wonderful feeling glows within us. It’s the reason we light up so much at holiday time. And since our feelings are our most reliable GPS, guiding us ever toward our own true north, doesn’t that tell us something pretty powerful?

If giving is enabling, then why would it feel so good? Our feelings never lie to us. If helping others feels this good, then it cannot be other than good. Other than positive. Other than beneficial to us, as well as to those we’re helping.

This post has been a long time coming

I’ve been mulling on this for a long time, but I feel like I finally have a good grasp of the energies at play here, and have concluded how I feel and why I feel that way.

Helping and sharing is good. Greed is bad.

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