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Love: What is it and How Can I Get Some?

Yes, true love is real. And yes, I would say that. I’m a romance novelist currently engaged to the love of her life and blissfully happy. If I didn’t believe in love, I wouldn’t be here, blogging at you. More importantly, I wouldn’t be here, in this life.

Love is when you recognize yourself in the eyes of another. Never is this more obvious than in the love between a mother and her child. She looks into the eyes of this child that she herself has brought into creation, a child that for the past nine months has been a part of her own body. How can she not see herself in those eyes? This child is an extension of her. A literal, physical new extension of her own body. It can’t separate without the cutting of a cord. This is powerful stuff.

And there’s a reason why it is so powerful. It’s because this is the closest we humans usually come to understanding the relationship between us and that which we call God.

We are extensions of Spirit. When we manifest in bodies, we step apart a little bit from our Source in order to become physical. Just like a baby is born from its mother, we are born from God (The Whole, Source, Spirit) but unlike the baby’s cord, our cord is never cut. We just forget it’s there.