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Love: What is it and How Can I Get Some?

Yes, true love is real. And yes, I would say that. I’m a romance novelist currently engaged to the love of her life and blissfully happy. If I didn’t believe in love, I wouldn’t be here, blogging at you. More importantly, I wouldn’t be here, in this life.

Love is when you recognize yourself in the eyes of another. Never is this more obvious than in the love between a mother and her child. She looks into the eyes of this child that she herself has brought into creation, a child that for the past nine months has been a part of her own body. How can she not see herself in those eyes? This child is an extension of her. A literal, physical new extension of her own body. It can’t separate without the cutting of a cord. This is powerful stuff.

And there’s a reason why it is so powerful. It’s because this is the closest we humans usually come to understanding the relationship between us and that which we call God.

We are extensions of Spirit. When we manifest in bodies, we step apart a little bit from our Source in order to become physical. Just like a baby is born from its mother, we are born from God (The Whole, Source, Spirit) but unlike the baby’s cord, our cord is never cut. We just forget it’s there.

So when you hear “God loves you,” stop for a moment, and picture God (or Goddess, which works better for me in this analogy) looking at you the way you looked at your newborn, the way every mother looks at her newborn. That’s how much you are loved.

When you get that, really get it, the next step is to try to wrap your head around the fact that you are both the lover and the beloved. You are both the baby and the mother. You are both you, this being with the eyes and the brain that are reading this, and YOU, the Goddess, beaming down on “Little You” with love in Her eyes. You’re not just from Her, you are Her.

In meditation I often envision leaning back, out of my body, into that higher self, and then settling there, I open my eyes and look through the eyes of Bigger Me, Goddess, I gaze down at little me.

The third layer of understanding love is this: Just as each of us is Goddess, so all of us are Goddess. When we’re in that higher self, leaning back into the Divinity, our Source, we have to realize that everyone else is a part of our Mother too. And from this vantage point, we can look down on each of them in their human forms and adore each of them, and even look through the eyes of each of them, briefly. And then leaning back from them, we realize that they too, are Us. We’re One.

When you fall in love, deeply and lastingly in love, it’s because you can recognize that oneness in the other person’s eyes. They are familiar to you. They are your mirror image (not physically, but spiritually.)

If God (Goddess, Source, the Whole) is an ocean, then each human being is a bottle of water, dipped from that sea. The bottle is our physical body. The water is our soul, the soul that fills it. It’s separate (apparently) from the ocean, but it is, in its every molecule, the sea. When we die, the glass falls away, and we return to the Whole–that loving mother or father who beams at us, and who is us. My theory about love, is that often, Bottle of Water A (a person) meets another bottle whose water was a part of her own bottle the last time around. One bottle died. Its water mixed into the sea, and in the next lifetime, part of Bottle A went into two different bottles. One soul, split into two humans. Do you see? People who share water that was in the same bottle some other time around, recognize eachother. And because there is consciousness and desire and choice and will, even in spirit form, some of those bottles of water might rejoin each other lifetime after lifetime, reuniting over and over again. Dancing and mixing together as one in the sea, at death, and then splashing forth into separate bodies again, for the sheer joy of reuniting, of loving each other, forever. That’s what soulmates are. At some point in some lifetime, the two were one soul, occupying the same body. This is the deeper meaning behind the myths in many cultures of an ancient goddess who created Her mate from Herself, promptly fell in love with what She had created, and how Their union created all life.

Of course, going back far enough, we’re all one. We’ve all intermingled over and over in the Sea. If that’s not a good enough reason for peace on Earth, I don’t know one. We shouldn’t just get along, we should be beaming with love for each other. So now, when you understand that your purpose in being here might be to experience the joy of reuniting with a part of your own soul, you can know when you’ve found it. Because it will feel good. It will be so blissful that you can’t stop smiling, not just at the beginning. In fact, sometimes beginnings are rough while the two still labor under the delusion that they’re strangers, separate beings.

But as soon as the two begin to reveal their true selves to one another, to look beyond the physical, to open fully, that’s when the bliss sets in, and it’s still there in 5 years in, and 10 and 50. One more thing, I know this is getting long.

If you haven’t found this kind of love and you want it, you can create it. The good news is, you don’t have to die and reincarnate to do it. Any time you long for anything, truly want it from the core of your being, a part of your soul, your Higher Self, Goddess, God, shoots forth and becomes it. Remember, you’re a part of the Sea, and a bottle of water can be dipped out just for you, anytime you want. As you long for this mate, you create him. And don’t worry about issues of time (i.e., “If I’m creating him right now, won’t he be an awful lot younger than me?”) because time only applies here in the physical world. Time does not exist to God. And if it does turn out he’s younger than you, I wouldn’t worry about it. And I speak from experience. Also, there’s this. You’ve mingled many times in that Great Sea that is God. There are parts of you in many people already alive and walking around the planet. You just need to find the perfect one, the one that contains all the pieces you’re most missing. Your request has beamed out into the great mind of the Whole and your special one has already been located. Circumstances have been orchestrated by the power of your desire, and they are now ready to fall into place, to help you find each other. So your longing is what creates him and/or locates him. But the longing has to be released before he can come to you. He exists. You’ve done it. Focusing on the longing now, means focusing on the lack of him, the fact that he’s not here yet, on feeling lonely and sad. And feeling those things can only bring you those things. Think of all the little circumstances that create the events of our lives as Lego blocks. Feeling badly snaps the together the blocks that build a bridge between you and things that feel bad. Feeling bad creates circumstances that will keep you that way.

The only way you must think about your soulmate now, is to think of him from a state of joyous, excited anticipation, while imagining the way you’ll feel in his arms, the relationship you’ll have, the happiness on your face. Imagine it until you can feel it all right here and now. This the way to train yourself to be. Why? Because it feels good. Feeling good snaps together the Lego blocks that build a bridge between you and things that feel good, and he is one of them.

Eventually, your wish becomes real enough to you that you no longer have to think about it. It’s always there, in the back of your mind and you can give your attention to other things in absolute, serenely unshakeable faith that it is what will be. And you strive to lead the happiest life you can, because you know that’s the bridge you want to build–the Happiness Bridge, the bridge to him. When you get to the point where your happiness isn’t made up, isn’t forced, takes no effort, that’s when you’ve changed who you are. You’re happy. You’re having fun in this life. You’ve become that woman you dreamed you would be. You will honestly be as happy as you dreamed finding him would make you. When you achieve this, he’ll appear to you as magically as if he came in on a puff of purple smoke and glitter. And that’s Maggie on love.

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