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Maggie and the Nice Policeman

I had a fantastic day Saturday. There was a comic-con event at my favorite store, Heroes and Villains, in my favorite small-town city, Cortland NY, only 20 minutes away. I met John G Hertzman who played General Martok in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I met artists who had worked for Marvel and had met Stan Lee. I met a reader who I’d first met 26 years ago at my very first book signing, and not again until now (though we talk online.) And I met two cosplay contestants in full Klingon costume. Being a Trekkie, I was blissing out.

It was a long day, though, and by its end, I was pretty tired. I picked up dinner from Doug’s Fish Fry, and headed home with all due haste.

Actually, too much due haste .

So as I get closer to where I live, there are twisty, narrow, barely paved roads with no lines painted on them. The only traffic I’m likely to encounter is the occasional tractor, or some cows who found a gap in their farmer’s fence line. We met a horse once on these roads, and led him back to the nearest place with horses, which turned out to be his home. When I reach this area, the stop signs seem like they’re more of a suggestion than an order. You can see for miles in either direction as you approach them, so really, coming t