Magical Spring Cleaning

I know it’s early, but I’m an eternal optimist. (Or as my grandsons would say, “Optimus”.) We’re more than halfway through February. There are only 5 weeks until the Vernal Equinox! That’s spring, so my spring cleaning is already getting underway. Starting with the DECLUTTERING.

Decluttering 101

I am doing a major purge this year. All those clothes I’ve had for years, the ones on the hangers I push aside while muttering that I have nothing to wear–those are going. All the shoes with heels so high they tweak out my bum knee, that I keep because I used to love wearing them–going! All the crap in my drawers that I push aside looking for the stuff I will actually pull out and use–going.

The act of re-homing our clutter, opens up space in our homes. It creates a vacuum that will pull in new things–things that match our now vibe. And since our point of attraction is constantly evolving higher and higher, better and better, things that match our current vibe are way better than things that matched our old, outdated vibe of years gone by.

I could probably find a really joy-inspiring, non-flying broom made for actual house-sweeping if I tried, right? Yep, just found one with a 1 minute Google search. Look at that. Leopard print and all.

So maybe Marie is right, and everything should inspire joy. But as I said, keep the essentials and consider upgrading them to joy-making replacements in the coming year. I think I’m actually going to upgrade my cleaning broom.

Dust and Cobwebs

After the decluttering, the cleaning begins, first, with the dry stuff. Dust and cobwebs, and where I live, a couple of dogs’ worth of stray hairs. I sweep and vacuum it all up and dump it outside where the winds can carry it away and the birds can use it to build their nests. Dog hair nests make for warm, cozy hatchlings, you know.

The Washdown

And yes, eventually, the spring cleaning must involve water and soap. I love water. I think it’s the greatest substance on earth. Having read Dr. Emoto’s work, I understand water to have consciousness, memory, and life. It is a living, breathing being. And it responds powerfully to the emotions of people.

I’m fortunate that my water comes from a deep well in my back yard, with no chlorine or fluoride added. We filter it with our own system that takes out the sulphur taste. It’s very good, very alive water. It’s not contained, it flows from the well into the house, and back through the drains and septic system into the ground again.

When I fill my bucket with clean water from the taps, I bless and praise it the whole time it’s running. Next I add the soap, as natural a product as I can find, and, this is important, I don’t use more than the recommended amount on the label. There’s a reason those amounts are there. Next, I add a little bit of essential oil, sage is my current favorite. Peppermint works well too. I also love mixing a little bit of dragon’s blood oil with some vanilla oil for my signature scent.

Finally, I move my hands clockwise over the cleaning water, and sing or chant a little blessing to it.

Notice how we don’t focus on getting rid of anything. We focus on what we are creating, not banishing. We fill the space with clean rather than trying to empty it of dirty. It’s subtle, but it triples the effectiveness.

Cleaning in motion

As I sweep, or dust, or wash each room, I do so in a clockwise motion. Clockwise, (deosil, pronounced “djes-il” in magical circles) is the direction of creating, while counterclockwise (widdershins) is the direction of un-creating. Since Law of Attraction says attention to anything creates more of it and holds it to you, we are always focused on what we want, rather than on what we don’t. So we clean clockwise, the direction of creation, and we focus on filling our space with sweet smells, gleaming surfaces, fresh air, pure light, and we create those things.

The creation of cleanliness overwrites dirt and dust. The emptying of clutter creates space for the fresh and the new. The energy of the old year is gone, but its remnants remain. We move those remnants on their way by replacing them with the fresh, clean new energy of the brand new year, and the even newer season just ahead.

We fill our homes with the hope and joy and renewal of spring!

And now, I have some cleaning to do!

Until next time…


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