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Magical Spring Cleaning

I know it’s early, but I’m an eternal optimist. (Or as my grandsons would say, “Optimus”.) We’re more than halfway through February. There are only 5 weeks until the Vernal Equinox! That’s spring, so my spring cleaning is already getting underway. Starting with the DECLUTTERING.

Decluttering 101

I am doing a major purge this year. All those clothes I’ve had for years, the ones on the hangers I push aside while muttering that I have nothing to wear–those are going. All the shoes with heels so high they tweak out my bum knee, that I keep because I used to love wearing them–going! All the crap in my drawers that I push aside looking for the stuff I will actually pull out and use–going.

The act of re-homing our clutter, opens up space in our homes. It creates a vacuum that will pull in new things–things that match our now vibe. And since our point of attraction is constantly evolving higher and higher, better and better, things that match our current vibe are way better than things that matched our old, outdated vibe of years gone by.