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Manifest Yourself, Manifest Your Life

First watch this short, 3 minute video so you can get part of what I’m talking about. And then we’ll discuss not only how to change, but how to manifest the you, you wish to be, and the life you wish to live.

Did you watch it? Good. Now, open your mind, and come on a journey with me.

In my recent post, Be The Woman You Wish Your Were, I gave you three easy steps to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. To simplify and nutshell it, I suggested you find people who represent that to you, surround yourself with them so you can observe what they do that you don’t do, and then do those things yourself.

I wanted to take that discussion a little deeper. There’s a little bit more to true and lasting inner change than just observing and mimicking the behavior of those who are already living what you want to live. Because, really, they aren’t. The detailed specifics of the existence you long for is uniquely your own. No one else’s experience can really come close.

But I had a breakthrough on this subject recently, when I