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Manifest Yourself, Manifest Your Life

First watch this short, 3 minute video so you can get part of what I’m talking about. And then we’ll discuss not only how to change, but how to manifest the you, you wish to be, and the life you wish to live.

Did you watch it? Good. Now, open your mind, and come on a journey with me.

In my recent post, Be The Woman You Wish Your Were, I gave you three easy steps to become the person you’ve always wanted to be. To simplify and nutshell it, I suggested you find people who represent that to you, surround yourself with them so you can observe what they do that you don’t do, and then do those things yourself.

I wanted to take that discussion a little deeper. There’s a little bit more to true and lasting inner change than just observing and mimicking the behavior of those who are already living what you want to live. Because, really, they aren’t. The detailed specifics of the existence you long for is uniquely your own. No one else’s experience can really come close.

But I had a breakthrough on this subject recently, when I

realized that the woman I see when I look in the mirror has been gradually getting prettier, leaner, younger, healthier, but the woman I see when I think “me” in my mind, has remained older, harsher looking, chubbier. I’ve been applying a healthy lifestyle (i.e. doing the things that the people I want to look like seem to be doing, as I recommend in the previous post. I’ve been eating right, working out, etc.) That’s part of the reason for the change in my mirror image. Because if deep down, I believe these activities will improve my appearance, they will. By doing them, I’ve given myself permission to look for improvements instead of flaws, and my mirror image has gradually responded by showing me what I want to see. Simple Law of Attraction 101. You get what you go looking for, as long as it’s what you expect to see.

There’s another part of this, though. The brain is like a computer. We each have a file in there labled “me” and inside that file are snapshot images of what “me” looks like. We cannot truly change, until we overwrite those files with new images. Images of what we want to look like. We do the work, in order to give our analytical minds a practical, logical reason to believe the new file is more valid than the old. In my case, I use the diet and exercise to provide that reason. When we expect to see change in the mirror, we do. And seeing it gives our logical computer brains the command, at last, to click on the new image file, click SAVE AS and then type in ME. And our computer-brain says “There is already a file by that name. Overwrite existing file?” And we click YES. And now, when we think of “me” (thus opening that file,) the new and improved images of us come up. And when they do, when they come up automatically, when we catch ourselves”seeing” ourselves differently when we think of “me,” then we have stepped into that new reality. We have manifested it. That’s how all manifestation must work. You have to imagine yourself as the image of the person you wish you were, living the life you wish to live. Pull up that image often and often and often, feeling the full emotional hit of it each time. And each time you imagine your file named “My Reality” hit the X in the corner of the images that aren’t just what you want, and imagine pictures of what you would prefer. The home. The setting. The mate. The career. The peaceful ease of your existence. Or the bustling excitement of it. Your choice. Each time you do this, try clicking SAVE AS and type in my job, my home, my life, my love, and overwriting that old file. And when you’re not doing that, do the things that your logical mind thinks people who have that lifestyle do. Do the things that your logical mind can blame for your success later on. If you think it takes hard work, then work hard. If you think it takes social networking, then network. If you think it takes hours of meditation, then spend hours in meditation. If you think it takes exercise, then work out. And when your new reality manifests, your logical brain can say, “That’s why. Because I did what it took to make it so.”

But you’ll know that’s only a crutch to keep your reality-based mind from going a little insane. The truth is that you believed it into existence. You envisioned yourself living that life you imagined. You envisioned it so often it got easy. And then you spent time in your waking moments looking for signs of it everywhere. You searched for for clues that it was unfolding for you, and you payed attention to them, and laughed about them.

And as more signs came, your belief grew stronger. And as you believed more thoroughly, more signs came. And because like attracts like, your vision spiraled into your physical experience. Now everywhere you look, there are elements of the life you’ve been wanting to live, bit by bit, piece by piece, blipping into existence. So quietly and naturally you barely noticed it happening. And then one day, you think “this is my reality, I’m not imagining it anymore.” Suddenly the images in that file marked ME in your mind are the new ones, the images of the life you want to live and the YOU you want to be. And you realize that you are living it. It is real. It has manifest. Usually, this occurs around the time you’ve begin filling a whole new file with a whole new set of images of how you want your experience on earth to be. This is how it works. It’s so difficult to truly wrap your mind around, until you do. And then it’s unbelievably simple.

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