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Manifestation 101

One of my inspired ideas has come to life, and I just want to tell you the process of how it happened, so you can recognize when it’s happening to you. (Hint: you are ALWAYS in one stage or another of this. Although some of us have to experience unwanted to generate the big idea, and others of us have a little trouble shifting focus off the problem and onto the solution.)

It happened in spring

I wanted a shop like this one! I was going to create a shop like this one. I was. There was no question. The impulse was irresistible. I’d never felt an idea so powerful before, except maybe when I first decided to write a novel.

Acting on my desire

So I started looking around for more pieces of this puzzle, and I found a building for sale that I thought I wanted to buy, even though it wasn’t quite perfect for my shop. I talked to a small business counselor, and he made me draw up a business plan.

That was no fun, that business plan. Those things are silly. They’re fiction. You’re expected to estimate how much your merchandise will cost and how much of it you’ll sell for the first year of a business you’ve never tried before. It was completely counter-intuitive to me. I felt like they were asking me to just make stuff up.

I went to the bank, and that was even less fun. They wanted twice as big a down payment for a business mortgage as for a regular one, and the hoops I was jumping through were numerous and non stop.

Then I stopped...


young woman with glasses looking up from behind stacks of paper

I just stopped, and took a look at where I was, sitting, surrounded by a laptop, a stack of papers, and a phone open to the calculator app. I had a headache. I was stressed. I was pushing through in spite of all that to MAKE my shop happen.

But that’s not how this works, my inner knowing whispered. This was pure inspiration, pure energy, pure fun when it was born in that witch shop in Albany. You don’t make a dream come true, you allow it to come true. You adjust your vibration until you match your desire. You tune into it, and poof! It’s real.

So I shredded all the loan documents, withdrew the application, called the realtor and told her I was not yet ready to buy a building for my business. In short I got myself off the hamster wheel.

Mediation, Relaxation, Fun

I started doing tarot readings online again, with every penny earned going into the shop kitty. I invested $1000 of my own, (even though it made my electric bill very, very late) and ordered my first few items. So exciting! So delicious!

I saw an article about the best online shop hosting sites, and started exploring those. I actually signed up for one, hated it, ditched it, and signed up for another. The second one is the one I kept.

Just Playing Around

Hubby sold a property he owned and invested another $1000 in the new biz. I was able to place a bigger order with that, and I was pretty sure it was enough to launch.

All this time, I was just having fun with the idea of the shop. Just doing the fun, interesting parts of it all.

Interestingly, my other work, writing novels, caught fire in a way it hadn’t in years. All the fun, colorful, whimsical, magical work I was doing on was stoking my creative forge. I was making powerful progress on my novels and all the things that go with that part of my life and work, in addition to spending hours playing and having fun with my shop. One thing fed the other. Perfect!

I was nervous, though

I don’t know why, but as my opening day, 10/11, drew near, I was feeling nervous. Would everything work correctly? Did I have enough merchandise? Did I have a clue what I was doing? Could I really open on Friday the eleventh?

The answer to all of the above was no. No, not everything was working correctly, but it was no big deal, and I was able to make adjustments.

No, I didn’t have enough merchandise because it sold so fast! That was a good thing. We’re ordered more right away!

No, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. But I didn’t have a clue when I penned my first novel, either, and that’s worked out pretty well for me. You know, so far.

And no, I could not open on Friday the eleventh, because the shop opened all by itself, on Wednesday the ninth, at night. It was late. I was watching TV. I glanced at my email, and there was notification that someone had just bought something from

And then came another notification. I freaked out and went to the shop to see that it was up and running. Everything was working pretty well, and people were actually shopping.

That was a moment of my dream manifesting! It was an inspired idea in spring. In fall, it was an operational online shop.

The next day we processed 18 orders, which is huge for a little one-woman operation! I didn’t even have husband-help, as he’s busy trying to finish re-siding our house before snow flies.

The shop was a hit!

I took a deep breath

Everything was unfolding perfectly. If the Universe wanted me to open Wednesday night, then there was a reason. Things are always working out for me.

The shop had a great opening week, and I want to thank everyone who came by. I am having such a great time.

This is manifesting 101

So this is the story of a big manifestation in my life. But so in the siding hubs is putting on as we speak, and so is every book I write, and every success I enjoy.

Just launch a desire, then go about doing fun things you love. Don’t block your new desire with struggle, strain, or pushing. Keep your vibration high and light, and your mood positive and fun. Then watch the reality around you begin to shift and reform itself as your wish comes true.

My vision is that one day this shop will have a physical location (Or several!) But it’s going to get there the easy way, the fun way. We’ll take the path that’s the most joyful the entire time, because you can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.

When things start getting hard, and you’re frustrated and one thing is going wrong after another, remember what that means. You’re on the wrong path. Change course. Go in the direction that feels GOOD.

BlissBlog.Shop Updates

Field Guide to Garden Dragons

“A Field Guide to Garden Dragons,” and the 200-year-old one-of-a-kind Peterboro Glass & Sterling Silver Earrings, but we’ve already restocked both of those items.

We also sold out of gemstone pendulums, but I have a big batch of those coming this week.

Peterboro Glass Earrings

We have introduced something new; LadyHawk’s Book of

If you have requests or suggestions for the shop, please leave them in comments or message me.

If you have questions you’d like me to answer in a future blog post, leave that in comments or message me. That would be awesome!

Now that it's up...

Now that the shop is up and running, and the novel is in the hands of the formatter, your blog posts will be coming out more frequently once again, and I’m glad.

I missed you guys!

Until next time,

Maggie Shop Now

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