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Manifesting Maniac

When you’re one with your Self, that’s when you become truly magic.

That day by the pond, I came out of meditation with the very clear goal of looking at the beauty around me as if it had been a mud hole the day before. The pond actually was a mud hole when I first moved into this house in 2006. So I came out of that meditation thinking, what if I went to bed last night with a mud hole and woke up this morning with this? And when I opened my eyes, I really was able to feel that. I wept with joy like a victim of the Yard-Crashers.

From that moment on, I feel like I leveled up. I was maintaining my happy mood almost all the time. My default setting had notched up from great to splendiferous!

Because of that, I’ve been expecting to see changes reflected in my life experience. And man, are those changes are here!

Latest Changes

There was a major thing I needed this month, and I saw no possible way of receiving it in time. I said, “You figure it out, Universe. I’m letting it go,” and for the first time, I really meant it. I felt differently in my gut. I was letting it go. I was trusting the Universe to come up with a solution so much that I wasn’t going to worry about it again. And I didn’t, mostly. Two days later, I got a phone call out of the blue, during which I learned that I already had what I needed and was told how I could retrieve it.

There was also the discovery that with a certain natural oil, Dozer, our senior mastiff could feel years younger. Cannabinoid Oil has him trying to play with the other dogs. Usually his play is him lying down, holding onto a toy, while Roxy dances around him, tugging on the same toy. But after a month or two of this oil, at the minimum dose (it’s pricey and he’s huge,) he is scrambling around the floor, on his feet, playing tug of war for minutes at a time. Lots of improvement for my beautiful big guy.

Dozer turns 11 on Friday January 18th.

Other things have been happening too, but rather than making a list I want to move on.

Then this happened...

I just felt compelled one day to make a cute graphic for Tarot Readings. The whole thing came to me very quickly. Tarot readings via Facebook Messenger for $50 apiece. I could do one a day, I thought, first thing in the morning before beginning my day job, writing novels.

I had offered readings in the past but it didn’t really take off or feel satisfying, and I wound up retreating and only doing them for myself or good friends.

But this day, I felt really compelled, and I didn’t even think about it. I felt the urge, so I opened Canva, put a graphic together and posted it on my Bliss Blog Facebook Page and Group and then I shared it to my other pages and Twitter accounts. (Oh, crap I’d better check those!)

I booked a reading, and then another, and then another and so on. I booked every day of the first week, and started booking into the next week. And the readings themselves are coming through beautifully.

Snowballing Benefits

I’ve been trying to meditate every day, with varying degrees of success, for years. But now, I have to do it, so I can do the reading I promised on this date. So now I’m meditating every weekday. (I would like to meditate weekends too, but since I’m not booking weekend readings, no one’s making me. We’ll see how well I do when I don’t feel I have to.)

In addition, I’m more tuned in. I’m not just aligned during meditation, I’m aligned while doing the reading, communicating with my Higher Self. So the lines of that communication are strengthening like any muscle does with use and just as every skill does with practice. I’m creating strong, powerful pathways for everything I need to know to flow straight into my awareness. I had no idea reading for others would be such a powerful boost to my own connection, but it is. And now I feel like, how did I not now it would be?

I followed my gut, while super tuned in to Source, and got excellent results that are still piling up.

Other things popped in, too.

  1. I went to bed needing to know the next scene of a book. I woke up knowing it.

  2. I needed money to pay a bill I had forgot to plan for. I had it within a few days, out of thin air.

  3. I needed a way to get exercise that I couldn’t avoid, (because as you might have figured out by now, if I don’t have to do something daily, I don’t.) I discovered I could turn the mandatory morning and evening dog walks into mini-workouts.

  4. I asked for rights back to a novella, I got it. And several more are coming.

  5. I published the novella with a short 2-week preorder, and the response surprised and delighted me.

It’s just been one thing after another lately. I’m trying to stop long enough to write them all down, but I can hardly keep up. Happiness abounds.

So what's your point, you ask?

I’m not sure I have one. I’m just rampaging about how good I feel right now. And re-affirming, if anyone needed it, that this stuff works.

And also, don’t lose hope if it seems to be taking time. It does take time to develop a new habit of thought, to change your old default setting from miserable or doubtful or anxious to relaxed and content and satisfied. But the more time we spend in appreciation, truly basking in our life just as it is right now, the higher our vibration rises. And even if you have to start at just being okay, just being content, just being good, that’s wonderful. We are where we are.

As long as we focus more on what’s right than on what’s wrong, as long as that’s what we think about and talk about and plan about, we are rising our default setting higher every day.

I want everyone to feel this good.

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